6ix9ine calls out Fivio Foreign after Fivi defines ‘King of NY’

6ix9ine continues to come to Fivio Foreign after clowning around for his debut album’s first week sales screening BIBLE This time he strongly opposed Fivi who called himself the new King of New York.

On Sunday, April 18, Fivio Foreign hit up Instagram Live with a video that appeared to be a direct response to 6ix9ine’s recent jokes that the Brooklyn Drill rapper’s projected album sales were only about to hit the mark. equivalent of 29,000 sales in the first week of its release.

In the video, Fivi presented his definition of what it means to him to be considered the King of New York.

“If numbers and things like that and opinions and all that determined the king of New York, then guess what, you know who would be the king of New York? Hov would be the king of New York,” the “City of Gods” said the master of ceremonies. “Niggas like Biggie Smalls would be the king of New York. Niggas like that. But guess what? Numbers don’t determine the king of New York.”

He continued, “You know what drives the King of New York? How many people want to follow you, how many people want to wear their hairstyle like you, how many people want to be around you, how many people fuck with you. You You know what I mean, the kingdom gotta confuse you to be king, nigga.

Fast forward to 1:35 in the video below to see Fivio give his definition of what it means to be the King of New York.

At the time, even though he didn’t call 6ix9ine by name, Fivio said something that many social media users perceived as a subliminal shot at Takashi’s widely publicized past as an informant. of the font. He basically called the “GUMMO” rapper a rat.

“After I do that, I go home and feed my cats,” said the self-proclaimed King of New York. “Do you know what cats eat? Mice.”

6ix9ine also seems to believe that Fivio’s statements were meant for him as well, because shortly after Fivio launched IG Live, Takashi responded with an Instagram story that wasn’t so subliminal. He took the BIBLE spitting at the task, claiming that he was never really disappointed with Pop Smoke’s Woo Gang and was simply riding the tail end of the late rapper and his crew.

6ix9ine’s Instagram Comment

6ix9ine via Instagram

“Fivio was never Woo,” 6ix9ine wrote. “I bypassed JayDee and rode the wave.

He continued to call out Fivi on his IG Story implying that the “What’s My Name” rapper left his friend OMB JayDee stranded in jail even though Takashi thinks he had plenty of money to cover JayDee’s bail.

“How you leave behind Day1 and everyone after ‘Big Drip’,” Takashi wrote. “You had the money to bail out JayDee the whole time. You didn’t officially leave it there, bum ass nigga. You think because my bro ain’t got a big rig no one will know? You you’re dirty.”

That’s when Fivio Foreign fired up his IG Story one last time to address 6ix9ine’s trolling. Fivi called out Takashi, claiming everything he said was a lie and at the same time apologizing to his fans for even entertaining 6ix9ine’s trolling ways.

“And that’s why I don’t respond to these niggas on the hunt for weirdos and influence,” Fivio wrote. “You can buy YouTube views, but you can’t buy chart positions. Everything that kid ever said is a lie and everything else is a lie. I apologize to the real 1’s who are I entertain this shit, but most fans know what’s really going on in New York.

fivio foreign instagram story

fivioforeign_8fs via Instagram

The latest back-and-forth between Fivio Foreign and 6ix9ine comes just days after Takashi started poking fun at Fivi’s first-week album sales projection.

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