7 Deadly Tunes – Fife Songwriter PG Ciarletta

AN EMERGING STAR of the Fife scene, PG Ciarletta knows his way to a toe tapping banger.

He came out of the trappings in 2020 with The Sesh and Chancer, before continuing with Let Go, Bonnie Toun and 27.

These tracks offered a sample of what the Fife man has to offer, with Bonnie Toun also earning a Music Video of the Year nomination at Weekend prices.

Ciarletta is preparing to lay down another marker this year, starting with a show at PJ Molloys next month.

Waiting for, The weekend caught up with the songwriter for a little confession on the tunes that rock him.

SLOTH – What song makes you want to sit back and do nothing forever?

Rianne Downey – Start over. One of the tracks from Rianne’s “Fuel To The Flame” EP and one of her many brilliant songs. The song has a bit of a laid back vibe and the finger plucking on the guitar is first class. A very talented person, an incredible voice and a quality guitarist. A great future ahead of us, with many more tracks to come, I bet.

WRATH – Which song makes you want to smash everything?

The Snuts – Glasgow. I was lucky enough to catch the song on their flagship show in the Barrowlands, and I’ve never seen such a crowd reaction. When it kicks in and the dynamics of the song change at 42 seconds, it instantly makes you want to bounce, jump and have a good time. Yes, I left covered in pints, but did I have a good time? Sure. One of the best Scottish tunes of all time.

LUST – What melody do you NEED in your life right now?

I can narrow it down to two tracks from the last week of release, which came out on February 11 of this year. These are Andrew Cushin’s You Don’t Belong and Brownbear’s One More Night. Both songs have been played regularly and are real firecrackers. Andrew’s track contains a belt of an electric guitar flaw that’s definitely a hook, and listen to Brownbear’s song and you’ll sing along. Also, the music video is awesome and must be watched.

LA GOURMANDISE – What piece do you never get tired of?

Megan Wyn – Polaroid. Megan is a Welsh musician based in Manchester and someone to watch in the future. His first single Polaroid is an absolute success. When I discovered the song, I had it on repeat. Listen in the car, while running or at home, etc. A catchy and catchy song, so I recommend you all listen and hang in there. You’ll see what I mean when you experience the chorus, and Polaroid will be the first of many great Megan tracks.

GREED – Which track makes you want to hear this band more and more?

Days Gone By, by my good friends at Dictator. I released The Sesh in August 2020, the same month as Days Gone By was released, and discovered the track on a radio show we were both playing on. Since then I’ve been hooked and every Dictator release is top notch. One listen to a Dictator track and before you know it you’re listening to Moonlight, Hide and Seek, Mirror Mirror and Candlemaker Row etc. future releases.

PRIDE – What song are you most proud to have written?

Tough call between The Sesh, Bonnie Toun and 27. I’m proud of them all, but I’ll go with 27. Why? Well, the song was very well received, connected with a lot of people and even ended up on Match of The Day 2 during an Everton feature. It was a very proud moment to see your song on national television in a program you have watched most of your life. It’s also the song from the last video I have of my late grandfather listening to my music, and the chorus lyrics resonate and mean a lot to me now.

ENVY – What song/chorus/verse/solo/lyrics would you have liked to write?

Difficult to shrink. It boils down to three of my main influences – Gerry Cinnamon, The View or Paolo Nutini. Big fan of all three acts, but one of my favorite songs of all time would be The View – Face For The Radio. Crisp song and a melody that I like to play and sing when I do a bit of jamming.

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