ANTHRAX bassist FRANK BELLO on the late SLAYER guitarist JEFF HANNEMAN – “I always talk about him like he’s there because I don’t think he’s gone yet”

Rare Bird recently announced the release of Anthrax bassist’s Fathers, Brothers, And Sons: Surviving Anguish, Abandonment, And Anthrax, co-written with Joel McIver, with a preface by KISS’s Gene Simmons.

During a conversation with Ultimate Guitar’s David Slavković, Anthrax bassist Frank Bello spoke about the late Slayer guitarist Jeff Hanneman, while also touching on the subject of new bands and younger artists.

On Jeff Hanneman:

“Jeff was a fun loving friend. That’s what I have to say; he’s one of us. Jeff has always been there. You know, Jeff is another one of those passing guys and you see them – they’re always there with you. Like Cliff (Burton), they’re all friends that we grew up with, you have to understand. And that laugh – I don’t know if you’ve ever heard Jeff laugh – it’s unbelievable. It makes you laugh when he laughs.

He’s a fun-loving guy, a great writer … all of the above – I love him, a great player, you know – great stuff. But, he was one of those guys who always wanted to make you laugh, and he would. He would. He’s got this – you see, I always talk about him like he’s there because I don’t think he’s gone yet. He’s always with me… Jeff, yeah, Jeff was the real deal.

He came out on one of those shows, I think it was in California, Big Four, it was great to see him. I mean, listen – I didn’t see that coming, unfortunately. I didn’t want him to pass. I didn’t know it was going to pass, I didn’t know it was that bad. But, like everything else, life throws curved balls.

We all miss Jeff. But what are you doing, you know? We all have a part of our lives where our friends go, our families go, and we just have to keep moving forward.

So Jeff will always be there. With these songs, with Slayer, Jeff will always be in our lives. This is how I see it. God gives peace to his soul. “

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Frank Bello, bassist of the legendary New York thrash metal band Anthrax since 1984 – one of the “big four” in thrash metal – has sold more than 10 million albums, has traveled the world more times than he ever did. wants to count it and has captivated audiences all over the world. bigger scenes. He and his group mates were even given keys to the Bronx in recognition of their status. His long-awaited memoir would be a captivating read even if its pages contained only stories from his life as a recording and touring musician. While these stories are indeed included – and will blow your mind – Bello also focuses on deeper topics in Fathers, Brothers and Sons. Once you hear the story of his life, you will understand why.

Coming from a family of five, Frank grew up in difficult circumstances. His father abandoned his wife and children, and Frank’s mother moved heaven and earth to feed and educate them. Left without a male model, Frank was inspired by heavy metal bassists, following their example and forging a career with Anthrax from his teenage years, first as a roadie, then as the group’s bassist. International fame came to Frank in the mid to late 1980s, when he was still in his early twenties, but tragedy struck in 1996 when his brother Anthony was murdered in New York City. Although the case was tried, the alleged killer was released without charge after a witness, intimidated by violent elements, withdrew his testimony.

Two decades later, Frank is himself the father of a young son. Like many men who grew up without a father’s guidance, he has important questions about the meaning of fatherhood and how to do a job well. This is the wisdom that Fathers, Brothers and Sons offer readers. Despite the emotional nature of these topics, Fathers, Brothers and Sons is a fun and entertaining read. A man with a keen sense of humor and the prospect of how surreal his story has been, Frank does not preach or seek sympathy in his book. Instead, he simply passes on the wisdom gained from a life of turmoil, paying homage to those loved by him in a way that will resonate with all of us.

Frank Bello is an American musician, notably the bassist of the legendary thrash metal band Anthrax. While on hiatus from Anthrax, he briefly performed with Helmet, but has appeared on every Anthrax release since 1985. He lives in New York.

Joel McIver is the bestselling author of Justice for All: The Truth About Metallica, which has been translated into nine languages, and several other books. He has written for Rolling Stone, The Guardian, Metal Hammer, Classic Rock, and is the occasional guest on the BBC. Classic Rock magazine called him “by far Britain’s most prolific hard rock / metal author”.

Fathers, Brothers, and Sons was released worldwide in hardcover, e-book, and audiobook on November 2. A percentage of sales will be donated to associations helping abandoned families.

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