ANTHRAX Guitarist SCOTT IAN on MEAT LOAF – “I walk into the house to take his daughter on a date and I practically shit myself”

In 2011, Anthrax guitarist Scott Ian married singer Pearl Aday, daughter of famed singer Meat Loaf. As part of an interview in the brand new issue of metal hammer (#364), Ian pays tribute to his late father-in-law Meat Loaf, who passed away in January 2022.

“I saw it when I was 14 on the Bat Out Of Hell tour, at a place called the Calderone Concert Hall on Long Island,” Scott explains. “I’ve been a fan of his all my life and then all of a sudden I walk into the house to take his daughter on a date and I’m practically shitting myself.”

“I understood the pecking order. Who’s the biggest rock star in the room? It’s meat! But you know what? He was a great, great guy. To have someone like that as a touchstone and as a family? Everything was fantastic. He was an incredible human being.”

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Scott Ian and his wife Pearl Aday star together in Motor Sister, alongside Jim Wilson (Mother Superior), Joey Vera (Armored Saint) and John Tempesta (White Zombie, The Cult). Motor Sister released their second album, Get Off, in May 2022 via Metal Blade Records.

List of Get Off tracks:

“I can’t climb high enough”
“Coming for You”
“Right There, Just Like That”
“Sooner or later”
“Excuse me, your life is exposed”
“The Lion’s Den”
“1,000,000 Miles”
“Bruise It or Lose It”
“Time is up”
“Rolling Boy Blues”

“I can’t get high enough” video:

“Right there, just like that” visualizer:

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