ARCH ENEMY Guitarist JEFF LOOMIS Shares EMG TV’s Live Performance Of Solo Instrumental Track “Mercurial”

Guitarist Jeff Loomis (Arch Enemy, Nevermore) shared another live solo performance video via his official YouTube channel. Check it out below.

Loomis: “It was really awesome and it was one of the few times I was at EMG TV live. Memories like that are always fun for me.”

“Mercurial” is the opening track from Lommis’ second solo album, Plains Of Oblivion, released in 2012.

In partnership with All-Pedal, Loomis has announced the release of their signature pedal, “The Devil’s Triad”, which will be available exclusively on Reverb.

Says Loomis, “We put so much blood, sweat and tears into this project to absolutely dial in my tone. From circuit development to artwork design, we had a blast putting this thing together for you guys, and I really hope you all enjoy it. I can’t wait to see you shred with this stuff!

Designed by Loomis to be his all-in-one pedal, The Devil’s Triad has drive, boost, delay and reverb functionality, and can be used as a preamp. Loomis also worked with All-Pedal to replicate his presets in Lead Guitar, Rhythm Guitar, Delay Cascade options.

Even better – everyone who purchases one of The Devil’s Triad signature pedals will be entered to win a Jeff Loomis Signature Jackson 7-String Guitar, Gator Hardshell Guitar Case, and Gator Guitar Stand through All-Pedal.

Check out the full video of Loomis shredding through his pedal walkthrough below, and find more information. here.

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