Bernie Marsden to release new album Chess, inspired by the legendary label of the same name

Bernie Marsden has announced his new album, Chess, is scheduled for November 26, 2021.

Chess marks the latest addition to the former Whitesnake guitarist’s “Inspiration Series” record, in which he revisits and repeats influential songs from his past.

Marsden’s first installment was kings, which only came out in July and saw the guitarist perform songs from the three kings of the blues: Freddie, Albert and BB King.

This time around, he’s facing the release of legendary Chicago label Chess Records, which inspired the Beatles and Rolling Stones, alongside young Marsden.

Of the 12 songs on the disc, 10 are covers of pieces from the Chess Catalog, including a series of numbers from great guitarists, including: Chuck Berry’s Back in the United States, I’m ready (Muddy waters), You can’t judge a book by the cover (Bo Diddley), I can’t hold on (Elmore James), I will not hang around (Albert King) and Who spoke (The howling wolf).

Elsewhere, there are two original chess-inspired instrumental tracks, Lester and Johnny.

List of Bernie Marsden chess pieces

Bernie Marsden chess cover

(Image credit: Bernie Marsden)
  1. Just your fool
  2. Back in the United States
  3. Oatmeal is not from the grocery store
  4. I’m ready
  5. You can’t judge a book
  6. I can’t hold on
  7. Won’t hang around
  8. Snake fattening frogs
  9. It’s good
  10. Who spoke
  11. Lester
  12. Johnny

Marsden is said to be already working on the third installment of the Inspirations series, ready for release in 2022, which would mean a third collection within the guitarist’s one year. Inspirations Series, indeed!

Bernie Marsden’s new album Chess is scheduled for November 26, 2021. Go to Bernie Marsden official website for more information.

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