Best Anime Guitarists

Anime and music go hand in hand, complementing each other to create a truly special feeling that the series exudes. There are many anime that focus on a budding musician or a struggling band who jumps in with visions of bringing their music to the masses on stage; it fills the series with amazing melodies and chords that have fans instantly adding them to their playlist. Some of these anime’s most iconic characters hold a mean guitar in their hands and wow crowds and viewers alike with their flashy moves and dedication to their craft.

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The guitarist is usually the character that keeps the band alive and motivates the rest of the band. the best of the best make memorable impressions on the show and remain fan favorites that stand the test of time. Here are some of anime’s most iconic guitarists.


seven Tuesday Simmons – Carole And Tuesday

From the creator of cowboy bebop and located in the same universe, Carol and Tuesday is a sweet and kind series about two young women in the big city of another planet trying to fulfill their dreams. Carole is a caring and somewhat naive girl who befriends Carole, who shares her desire and passion for creating music.

The two become a pair and embark on a journey to make it big; while Carole is devoted and confident, being alone for the first time makes Tuesday very shy and insecure. However, with a guitar in his hands, the tension disappears from his shoulders and everyone who hears him becomes delighted.

6 Yoshiyuki Taira – Beck

beck is a classic anime that marked the genre for its amazing story and soundtrack. The anime focused on the advancement of an indie rock band consisting mostly of delinquents and high school students. The group, known as the “Mongolian Chop Squad”, consisted of three guitarists: Ryusuke, Koyuki and Yoshiyuki.

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While the attention was divided between them, Yoshiyuki made more of an impact with his enthusiasm for his talent. Yoshiyuki was a stoic, strong-willed young man who ate, slept, and dreamed of playing guitar. However, in the series, Yoshiyuki seemed to only care about acting and had little interest in who he was playing. Over time, this changes and all members of the Mongolian Chop Squad bond before their first big performance.

5 Mafuyu Sato – Given

Given is a beautiful series that dives into the strong tones of loss and grief, depression and sexuality. On the surface, Given follows an upcoming group that receives a new member in the form of Mafuyu Sato, a shy and eccentric high school student who struggles to try to heal from his past and find himself.

Mafuyu takes up the guitar and joins a band as a lead singer with no previous experience. However, his hard work and Ritsuka’s help give him the motivation he needs to blast the group’s expectations. Mafuyu falls in love with music and gains a huge presence when he expresses himself on stage.

4 Haru Hanna Haruko – FLCL

Haru Haruko is the savage hell space pirate who rides a yellow Vespa and wields a Rickenbacker 4001 guitar as his weapon. FLCL is a fantasy anime following a young middle schooler who is drawn into an intergalactic threat when Haruko chooses him as her mule to carry in order to gain unlimited power.

Haruko’s antics are as massive as her personality; she will stop at nothing to get what she wants and mold malleable minds into eccentric anarchists. Chaos is the craft Haruko specializes in, and wherever she goes, she’s sure to make big waves with giant monsters and city-destroying battles.

3 Yui Hirasawa – K-on

K-on is the series that stole the hearts of many, following the journey of a high school music club and the group of female musicians who form a makeshift band to enjoy more of their passion. Yui Hirasawa is the guitarist and lead vocalist of Ho-Kago Tea Time; she is a bright-eyed, sweet girl who wears all her emotions on her sleeve.

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While Yui has the unfortunate tendency of being the goofiest girl in the room at all times, she is a valued member of the group and a cherished friend. Yui is first drawn to her school’s music club for the tasty treats they have, but over time she becomes a talented guitarist and earns more than her place in the band. K-on is a lovely series that many will enjoy for its lighthearted nature and easy-going plot.

2 Nana Osaki – Nana

Nana Osaki personifies what an iconic guitarist should be. As the singer and guitarist of Band Blast, Nana plays with the energy of the sun, forcing all eyes on her as she goes wild with all her heart and soul. Nana’s favorite style is very punk and gothic. She dons leather and combat boots whenever she is on stage, accompanied by red lipstick to complement her pale complexion.

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Nana’s songs match her aesthetic as they express the feelings she keeps close to her heart and when she conveys them to the crowd when she performs; his fans are getting something special. Granny is a fantasy anime that follows Nana Osaki and her new friend of the same name who live a drastically different life and explore their situation as they try to live free.

1 Masami Iwasawa – Angel Beats

angel beats is an anime that needs no introduction; the heartbreaking series has moved fans since the day it was released and remains a bittersweet memory for most anime fans. The show centers on a group of teenagers who embark on a journey to escape the afterlife. The series is filled with lovable characters with interesting personalities, including Masami Iwasawa.

Masami is a calm and collected person known as the “Cool Beauty” whose energy comes through when she is in front of a crowd. Masami loves music and loves playing her guitar, wanting nothing more than to make those she plays for smile. Masami’s feelings play a large role in her reconciliation in the series, making her first performance one of the most memorable in the anime.

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