Best team builds to pair with Qiqi

Qiqi always gives the impression of a cute girl due to her short stature, causing people to forget about her zombie nature. Being an apprentice pharmacist, Genshin Impact players can find Qiqi working at Bubu Pharmacy.

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Players with Qiqi in their teams find this Cryo Sword user quite an asset to her huge healing potential. Being one of the best supporting characters in the game, Qiqi remains a staple in any team. Those who want to take Qiqi a step further will want to build a team around its strongest assets. When she has the right teammates with her, Qiqi can maximize her healing potential and decent burst damage abilities.

Bennett, Diluc, Venti


Thanks to Qiqi’s natural burst and healing potential, she can adapt to almost any setup. His best trainings include synergies with personalities like Bennett (Pyro), Diluc (Pyro) and Venti (Anemo). With this mockup, Qiqi can easily grant healing through his elementary skill every time she attacks. In fact, her Elemental Burst encourages heavy DPS, as it grants healing whenever allies deal damage. On top of that, Bennett’s polishing toolkit can further improve the team’s overall DMG output. With his pyrotechnic resonance with Diluc, Bennett can empower Diluc to become the team’s primary DPS. Thanks to Venti’s Anemo control, the party also gains reasonable crowd control for Easily trigger Qiqi’s burst attack rotation.

Xingqiu, Klee, sucrose


With Qiqi Burst Healing, its synergies work well with multi-element interactions. A good example is a team of Xingqiu (Hydro), Klee (Pyro) and Sucrose (Anemo). Xingqiu’s buffs support Qiqi at early levels, even without Bennett’s DMG boost. Likewise, Sucrose acts as a great sub for Venti, as his Crowd Control Kit can help Qiqi trigger more basic interactions with ease. However, more interesting things are happening with Klee in the photo. While the previous version will use Diluc as his primary DPS, Klee’s sheer firepower allows him to both tank and deal damage. With the active talisman of Qiqi, Klee can take damage and provide constant healing to the team through Qiqi’s burst attack strategy.

Keqing, Diluc, Venti


At first glance, a team with Keqing (electro), Diluc (Pyro) and Venti (Anemo) can be difficult to build due to their 5 star rating. However, getting them is well worth it due to their maximum DPS potential. With this range, Qiqi can harness her natural burst healing abilities while becoming her own sub-DPS.

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While Qiqi constantly heals his teammates, the rest of the team can prepare a decent DPS. Keqing offers great maneuverability, while Diluc and Venti have powerful crowd control abilities. In the event of a pinch, Qiqi can provide emergency care to ensure maximum survival within the group.

Fischl, Diluc, Mona


Sometimes a multi-element team can maximize the healing potential of Qiqi. With Fischl (Electro), Diluc (Pyro) and Mona (Hydro), Qiqi may just have a team that can deal a ton of damage and make room for Qiqi to heal. Diluc can act as the team’s primary DPS, with both Fischl and Mona in the secondary DPS roles. This gives the team plenty of time to rack up a high damage count quickly. Thanks to Qiqi’s burst healing, his damage can also trim the enemy’s ranks while healing everyone nearby. The fast-paced nature of this build may give Qiqi more than enough room to showcase his healing skills without risking the team’s overall survivability.

Xiangling, Diluc, Mona


Despite the lack of a basic resonance, Qiqi can capitalize on his burst healing abilities with a multi-hit team. This potential is realized with a team of Xiangling (Pyro), Diluc (Pyro) and Mona (Cryo). At the base, the pyrotechnic resonance between Xiangling and Diluc can capitalize on their basic attack potential. Additionally, the fusion reaction with Mona can cause issues against opponents early on. Interestingly, another interesting advantage of this range is the potential for quick multi-hits from each team. Each character, being full DPS, can launch attacks as many times as possible and provoke multiple reactions. In addition to Qiqi’s burst healing, this team can deal substantial damage initially.

Klee, Diluc, Venti


Qiqi and her burst healing can benefit from powerful elemental combinations. This power becomes apparent with Diluc (Pyro), Klee (Pyro) and Venti (Anemo). Diluc and Klee alone will grant them an additional courtesy from DMG to Pyro Resonance. With Diluc’s DPS potential and Klee’s burst abilities, this pair alone should excel in group battles. This potential is cemented by the fact that Venti’s Crowd Control Mastery can gather people in one place, where Klee can distribute his strongest bursts. With Qiqi’s Burst-Healing Attack Specialization, the team enjoys much higher survivability in extended boss fights.

Keqing, Diluc, Sucrose


Players looking for faster battles will appreciate a team with Keqing (electro), Diluc (Pyro) and Sucrose (Anemo). Once Qiqi activates his elemental skills, his attacks alone can constantly heal his teammates. Thanks to Diluc and Keqing, Qiqi can trigger both melting and superconducting reactions, further increasing the team’s overall DPS.

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To crown this team, Sucrose Crowd Control Mastery can keep enemies close for allies to take out. Thanks to Heavy Diluc DPS and Mobile Keqing, Qiqi players should expect some quick battles with this team.

Chongyun, Hu Tao, Razor


Players who want a more stable, tempo-based composition will appreciate the combination of Chongyun (Cryo), Hu Tao (Pyro) and Razor (Electro). With this configuration, Qiqi can capitalize on its cycle of burst attacks along with the other bursting abilities of his teammates. Without forgetting, she Cryo resonance with Chongyun can stimulate both their innate potential. With Chongyun and his Cryo procs, enemies get a bad debuff which leaves them wide open to further attacks. This toolkit becomes a great addition to both Hu Tao and Razor, who excel at delivering bursts of quick damage. The three of them working together can provide the party with great DPS potential, with Qiqi on standby when it comes to emergency care. Even without a Geo user for defense, this team is a powerhouse.

Chongyun, Keqing, Razor


Players looking for a lineup with decent synergy should definitely give it a try. Chongyun (Cryo), Keqing (Electro) and Razor (Electro). Chongyun and Qiqi can engage in Cryo resonance further increase their CRIT rate. With Chongyun’s combat specialization, he can easily serve as the team’s primary DPS. Meanwhile, Keqing and Razor get Electro Resonance which can further increase their overall performance. And with their superconducting reaction, Keqing can lower enemies’ physical DEF while Razor increases his own physical DMG. Razor alone can produce massive DPS with his own Elemental Burst.

Xiao, Keqing, Razor


Despite the absence of a Cryo partner, Qiqi can capitalize on his supporting potential with a rock solid team that focuses on the offense. This potential is filled by Xiao (Anemo), Keqing (Electro) and Razor (Electro). Keqing and Razor, being offensive specialists, will benefit from their Electro Resonance that can increase their base stats. Additionally, Keqing’s superconducting reactions can reduce the enemy’s physical DEF. This synchronizes well with Razor’s superconducting reactions which increase his physical DMG. Keqing’s diverse role may position her as a DPS, whether Primary or Secondary. Meanwhile, Razor can provide much needed firepower with his Elemental explosions. Finally, an Anemo user like Xiao can maximize Qiqi healing and stabilize crowd control encounters.

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