Best team lineups to pair with Keqing

Keqing constantly reminds those around him that humanity must decide its own destiny. As Yuheng of Liyue Qixing, Keqing is adept at navigating the chaotic world of policymaking in Liyue. And for the greatest pleasure of Genshin Impact players, Keqing herself is quite skilled with the blade. An Electro Sword user, Keqing relies on flashy techniques to outsmart opponents, putting pressure on them without letting them launch a counterattack.

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As a DPS, Keqing can use his innate skills to roam the battlefield while spamming his rotations. His movement control helps him take on bigger enemies while his team finishes the rest. Anyone working to build a team with Keqing needs to capitalize on certain characteristics to keep the pressure on their enemies.

Fischl, Xingqiu, Venti


Players looking to train with Keqing’s early-game synergies without investing too much in the reels would do wonders with Fischl (Electro), Xingqiu (Hydro) and Venti (Anemo). This build capitalizes on Keqing’s ability to round up groups of enemies with his electrocharged blast. Thanks to Venti’s toolkit, the team can offer decent crowd control right off the bat. And thanks to Keqing’s synergy with Fischl, the team can easily deal extra damage to their heavy hitters. However, an element of risk here would be Xingqiu’s presence. Granted, Xingqiu’s burst ability pairs well even with Keqing’s quick basic attacks. However, its burst cooldown can be a bit of a nuisance. Xingqiu’s main role in this team would be providing moist for additional synergies.

Fischl, Bennett, Venti


Players looking to deal decent damage consistently with a low cost squad could do wonders with Fischl (Electro), Bennett (Pyro) and Venti (Anemo). With this setup, Keqing and Fischl alone can generate a decent DMG boost with their Elemental resonance. Thanks to Bennett, the whole team can get relevant boosts for DMG thanks to his toolkit. Venti’s presence can ensure that the team can juggle enemies when needed and focus on targets whenever needed. Despite the low-budget “common” nature of this line, it offers consistent DPS, making it a must-have for early-game combat.

Fischl, Mona, Venti


High speed Keqing can tap into his high mobility fight with the right teammates. In this situation, Fischl (Electro), Mona (Hydro) and Venti (Anemo) can easily pulverize groups of enemies. Keqing can lure enemies into his giant electrifying AOE, leaving them wide open for the rest of the team’s burst moves. Mona’s secondary portage highlights the DPS potential of this team, as it can help Keqing trigger the electrocharge consistently. Meanwhile, Venti’s presence can ensure decent crowd control during essential recharging breaks. Finally, the natural synergies between Keqing and Fischl can give the team the necessary DMG boost.

Zhongli, Xingqiu, Barbara


Keqing users who are confident in his attacking potential should also take note of his defenses. In this regard, an effective setup for Keqing’s offensive best interests would include Zhongli (Geo), Xingqiu (Hydro) and Barbara (Hydro). Thanks to Xinqiu and Barbara’s Hydro Resonance, the whole team can benefit from a multitude of healing benefits. This helps greatly, given Zhongli’s penchant for defensive constructions as a Geo user, in addition to Barbara’s overall healing abilities.

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Meanwhile, Keqing can benefit from Xingqiu as a secondary DPS given his penchant for burst attacks as well. With super-fast Keqing leading the killing blow, a Xingqiu-Keqing tandem can easily become lethal to most enemies.

Fischl, Bennett, Xiangling


Players who want to experience the thrill of double resonances will appreciate a team with Fischl (Electro), Bennett (Pyro) and Xiangling (Pyro). This setup alone will grant players a huge boost in DMG and more energy to work. In addition, the short charging times on the supports like Bennett can give the party a constant supply of DMG buffs. Keqing can use such buffs to deal more damage than other builds. The main source of attacks from this party would be Keqing’s natural DPS and his multiple elemental reactions. Of course, the absence of an Anemo user would mean this mockup’s crowd control suffers a bit. However, the focused shooting potential of this team will help players. mow down bigger enemies much faster than expected.

Lisa, Qiqi, Kaeya


This team offers another double resonance, but this time with Cryo in the mix. Players can capitalize on Keqing’s quick attacks with frozen enemies thanks to Lisa (electro), Qiqi (cryo) and Kaeya (cryo). Due to the innate resonances of this build, Keqing can appreciate a physical approach to combat.

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Cryo Resonance and Electro Resonance can give the team a Increased rate of DMG and CRIT – much more for Keqing if she uses her burst. In addition, this model gives him access to Exciting tales; thus, Keqing can become a power against most bosses. With Qiqi and Kaeya giving Keqing much needed supports and Cryo spamming, she should have enough leeway for her lightning-fast techniques against slower opponents.

Ganyu, Rosaria, Bennett


Despite the lack of an Electro pair, Keqing can earn massive party boosts with Ganyu (Cryo), Rosaria (Cryo) and Bennett (Pyro). Ganyu and Rosaria’s cryo resonance alone can trigger elemental reactions with Keqing’s attacks, in addition to their base DMG boost. What’s more, Bennett’s innate buffs can boost Keqing’s attacks, allowing it to maintain a durable charge attack cycle. Thanks to this team, Keqing becomes a powerhouse against mobs and elite enemies. Bennett’s constant buffs and supports can ensure that Keqing has enough firepower to deal with groups of enemies at once. During this time, Cryo spam messages from both Cryo users may constantly weaken opponents.

Chongyun, Kaeya, Xiangling


While this team does not have Electro support for resonance, Keqing can capitalize on other elemental reactions to develop his damage potential. A large team in this regard is made up of Chongyun (Cryo), Kaeya (Cryo) and Xiangling (Pyro). Thanks to the cryo resonance between Chongyun and Kaeya, Keqing can become decent Elemental reactions that chain together for high damage. Additionally, the cryo resonance will increase the damage of Chongyun and Kaeya, making them extremely optimized for secondary DPS for Keqing. While Bennett provides Keqing with a damage buff, Xiangling’s presence will give Keqing more than enough room to land fatal blows. Thanks to Xiangling’s Crowd Control Potential, she can rain hell on enemies as Keqing rushes to annihilate his enemies.

Zhongli, Albedo, Jean


Players who wish to maximize Keqing’s attacking potential could leave his defenses vulnerable. In this regard, it could benefit from a defense oriented team made up of Zhongli (Geo), Albedo (Geo) and Jean (Anemo). Geo Zhongli and Albedo users provide Geo Resonance, thus boosting their overall defense. Zhongli’s defensive potential can help add much-needed support to the squad. Meanwhile, Albedo’s stable attack models can add survivability to the setup. In addition, the presence of Jean as an Anemo user can offer crowd control. This should give Keqing more than enough time to stabilize his builds and deal damage to enemy threats, before they can break through defenses.

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