Brian May of Queen “frustrated” by the death of Taylor Hawkins

Brian May said he felt “so frustrated” by the death of the late Taylor Hawkins.

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The Foo Fighters drummer died last Friday (March 25) at the age of 50 in Bogotá, Colombia, while the band was touring South America.

The Queen guitarist, who was friends with Hawkins, commented on the tragedy during an interview on SiriusXM – noting that he had just spoken to the drummer before he died.

“Taylor was very close to [Queen], he came to my studio several times. In my life, I talk to him often. I spoke to him just a week ago from when we lost him,” May said (via Variety). “We talk about stuff, we talk about Dave [Grohl]what life is like, its joys, its frustrations, being in Foo Fighters.

Hawkins was a huge Queen fan, with the Foo Fighters regularly covering the band during live performances. During the band’s final gig in Lollapalooza Argentina, Hawkins took the mic for a cover of Queen’s “Somebody To Love,” while frontman Dave Grohl played drums.

“We bonded immediately because Taylor and Pat Smear were the most knowledgeable Queen fans, they knew more about us than we did,” May said of meeting the couple. “We were shocked to find out how much they felt for us.”

May went on to describe Hawkins as “Queen’s best publicist ever”.

“He’s been so good for our image!” said the guitarist. “Where he sort of thought of us as cool – which a lot of people didn’t at the time.”

He continued, “Taylor wasn’t even my generation. I see him as a boy – as I saw George Michael as a boy – losing them seems completely unacceptable to me. It makes you so frustrated. It makes you feel like you want to negotiate with death.

The guitarist added: “It makes you feel like if you watch it enough, talk about it enough, analyze it enough, maybe you can bring it back, but of course that’s just not not how everything works.”

Taylor Hawkins. CREDIT: Press

Talk to NME for his My Life soundtrack in 2016, Hawkins mentioned Queen several times. When asked which song made him want to play drums, he chose Queen’s “Keep Yourself Alive.”

“There’s a live version from 1979, which the band apparently hated, but I love it,” he said. “It’s one of my favorite Queen albums and some of Roger Taylor’s best drumming. “Zenyatta Mondatta” by The Police is another record that made me say “Wow, I want to play drums like this”. My dream was to sing and sound like Roger Taylor and play drums like Stewart Copeland.

The likes of Paul McCartney, Elton John, Joan Jett, Coldplay, Miley Cyrus, Liam Gallagher, Slash and Stevie Nicks have all paid tribute to Hawkins’ life and career since news of his death was confirmed.

The Grammys will also honor the Hawkins at their 2022 ceremony tonight (April 3).

A first toxicological report on the death of the Foo Fighters drummer has been made by the Bogotá health authorities.

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