British singer-songwriter John Santana brings his emotions to life in latest album “This is Me (Music is my World)”

Glasgow-based British songwriter Jean Santana diffuses his creative aura through his latest album ‘It’s me (music is my world)’ filled with 12 incredible singles.

With a brilliant production and poetic lyricism, Jean Santana released his latest album It’s me (music is my world). The album is enriched with beautiful melodies, rhythmic improvisations and an indulgent lyrical flow that captivates everyone. This album consists of twelve exquisite singles and each of them offers listeners something new than the other. The exuberant elements of several musical genres like pop, electronics, country, rock, etc. can be found in the album. However, the flavors do not overlap but provide a distinct essence through each track. The album is definitely quite unpredictable, dynamic and diverse, giving listeners a mix of flavors as they blend them together.

As a seasoned songwriter, the artist is able to establish his narratives through any type of sound design, and the latest album ‘It’s me (music is my world)’ is the best example. The ‘Midnight Train’ introductory track offers classic country flavors that feel very familiar and nostalgic. John worked with Karel Kalaf for this. He also teamed up with Rebecca Relansay for the dark and spooky single ‘Church of Lies’. Followed by “Dancing Closer to You”, “Don’t Judge Me”, “You Are”, etc. produce essences of electronic pop and dance-pop with incredible female voices. Starting with Tom Prottey Jones, Tom Conroy, Jame Colah, Jame Owen, Gordon Sinclaire and many other independent artists helped John make this album. Their united musical effort is reflected in each of the pieces. To pursue Jean Santana on Spotify to get more updates on his music.

Listen to his album on Spotify:

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