BTS’s RM Becomes K-pop’s Youngest, Second-Most Credited Songwriter

With ARMY celebrating RM’s solo projects for reaching 1 billion streams, it’s no surprise that there’s another milestone ahead. Last week it was revealed that the BTS frontman has all of his solos, mixtapes, and collaborations spanning 1 billion streams across platforms like Spotify, SoundCloud, and YouTube. Previously, he was also tied with PSY as the second most credited K-pop artist, but on October 1, KOMCA updated their database and fans are celebrating.

It’s no secret that BTS is a bunch full of all-rounders. This is evident with RM who is a rapper, singer, dancer and producer. Moreover, he can be considered as the main songwriter of BTS discography. In addition to writing his own rap lines, he has also written and composed songs for his band as well as for other artists. Her latest song credit just happens to be for the most iconic collaboration of the month.


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RM is credited with 178 songs

Everyone was pleasantly surprised when Coldplay and BTS announced their collaboration. The global K-pop group was featured in Coldplay’s pre-release “My Universe” for their upcoming album “Music of the Spheres”. Well, for the pre-release single, BTS’s rap line – RM, J-hope and Suga were involved in writing the lyrics. And with ‘My Universe’ and the solo song ‘Bicycle’, he finally severed the bond between RM and PSY.

As of October 1, RM had 178 songs credited to him, making him the second most credited songwriter. As it turns out, he’s still the youngest artist on the list as the top spot goes to VIXX’s Ravi with 199 songs. It turns out he’s a year older than RM. PSY is in third place with 176 songs while G-Dragon of BIGBANG is # 4 with 174 songs. It should also be added that Suga now has 125 song credits while J-hope has 113 song credits, all thanks to the Coldtan collaboration.

‘Our composer RM’

ARMY tends # RM178KOMCA and ‘Our Composer RM’ to congratulate the idol. One of the fans tweeted: “The fact that all of those 178 are all bangers and hits the lyric master indeed!” “Another day, another record” and “So proud of our talented and hardworking composer. Another fan added: “Hello, great blacksmith of words. Congratulations on another achievement.” So proud of the second most credited and youngest komca artist, te amo !! congratulations namjoon our composer rm, “commented a other.

One of them shared, “Namjoon’s room must be INSANE, congratulations babyyyyy.” Proud ARMY also tweeted like, “Namjoon is the second and youngest most credited Korean artist with 178 credits on komca, I’m so proud of him!” he is one of the most passionate, real and dedicated artists, i admire him so much! and “Every song he’s ever made is a masterpiece, he totally deserves them.”

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