Climate change will impact bird species

According to a study, climate change will not only impact the number of bird species by 2080, but will also have profound effects on their diversity and community composition.

Scientists linked past bird distributions to climate data, then applied these relationships to two future climate scenarios – based on low and medium greenhouse gas emissions – to predict changes in species distribution. The team looked at not only changes in the number of species in the areas, but also the types of species that would occur.

To summarize the changes in species types, they calculated what is called phylogenetic diversity which summarizes the number of different types of birds. For example, a community that had many closely related species, such as insectivorous songbirds, would have a much lower phylogenetic diversity score than a community that included a mix of more distantly related species, for example more distant songbirds. other species. such as birds of prey, partridges or gulls.

Researchers analyzed how bird communities around the world could change in the future and found that this climate change will not only affect the number of species, but will also have profound effects on phylogenetic diversity and community composition. .

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