Daily Discovery: Jonah Tolchin releases new single ‘Aliens’

You never know the combination of ingredients that will create a great song or a great songwriter.

But for Jonah Tolchin, it was a special set of building blocks.

When it comes to his musical work, the inputs and outputs often evolve and change. But the one thing that remains constant is “my love and appreciation for the blues as an art form,” he says.

“My dad ran a record store in the Mississippi Delta before I was born,” Tolchin told the American songwriter, adding, “Depression runs in my family too, so when I was a teenager, I needed to find a way to ride the beast – depression, that is.

But studying the blues offered him a way to stay afloat.

“I learned from the blues how to take raw, sometimes depressed emotions and turn them into playing guitar and then later writing songs,” Tolchin says. “It was my life raft growing up. My music is based on physical sensations and emotions, and less on conceptual landscapes. Although I like to marry the two together. It’s also very guitar-centric.

For the Princeton, New Jersey-based artist, his new song, “Aliens,” which the American songwriter shares today, is slated for a more formal release on his upcoming album, LAVA LAMP. It will fall on July 15. The new disc is the result of a life in music.

“I started writing songs in high school,” he says. “I attribute some of my interest in songwriting to my parents’ musical tastes. My dad’s favorites were The Band, Jesse Winchester, Jerry Jeff Walker and Mississippi John Hurt. My mother adored Bill Withers, Carole King, Joni Mitchell. My first gig was seeing James Taylor at Tanglewood on the 4th of July when I was a kid.

And “Aliens,” he says, is about a “post-alien world.” It was also a collaborative process.

“This new album LAVA LAMP which I released on July 15,” Tolchin says, “started out as a kind of ‘cosmic outlaw’. I wanted to write “psychedelic roots songs” that played with some of the themes of country music and blues. For example, one song I haven’t finished recording was “Moon Boot Blues”, an interdimensional version of Robert Johnson’s “Walkin Blues”. When I said [songwriting partner] Marvin [Etzioni] about the concept of this record, it came with most of these lyrics and i put the rest together.

In the end, though, while the new single and forthcoming album have heady origins and a deep love of the blues and self-expression, there’s also a great sense of joy when it comes to playing and playing. listen to work.

“The vibe for this song came from my childhood love of The Strokes, Gorillaz and other late 90s early 2000s stuff,” Tolchin says. “It was created for the sole purpose of having fun and swinging. Ride it!”

Photo by Joe Del Tufo/Yep Rock Music Group

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