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Dan Papirany releases his latest jazz album entitled “I TRIO”, which is an album composed of all the original compositions and of which Dan plays all the “trio” instruments (Piano, Bass, Drums)

Brisbane, Australia, June 26, 2022 /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ — Dan Papirany releases his latest jazz album titled “I TRIO”, which is an album consisting of all original compositions except “Groove evolution” which is a Brett Loretz composition, and the only track on the album where Brett plays trumpet, while Dan plays all the other instruments (piano, bass, drums). I trio has a mixture of compositional influences. In two of the compositions, which were influenced by Steve Gadd drumbeats, the composition “Fifty Ways to Quit Your Fat” Dan uses Gadd’s “Fifty Ways” drum beat which originally appeared on a Paul Simon song. mozambique is another beat that is associated with Gadd, and it is featured on the tune “Some People Did Something”. Two tracks on this album were influenced by Dan’s Yemeni Jewish family “Savta Ora” and “East gate” both feature Arabic rhythms. “Coltrix” is a composition based on by John Coltrane harmony known as the “Coltrane matrix”. “Bargara” is a composition written in 2011 for the “Australian Jazz convention”. “Groove Evolution” is a composition (by Brett Loretz) through different grooves and moods. The rest are simple jazz compositions. Dan recorded and produced this album in his own studio (BARS) in Bundaberg, Australia. This album marks Dan’s transition from piano to bass.

Dan has actively recorded and performed his music locally and internationally, and has traveled to Europe as a member of a judging jazz competition in Romania.

This album encapsulates Dan’s activity as a jazz pianist but also draws on Dan’s early experiences as a drummer, giving the album a unique “one man’s band” approach to jazz, rarely used in the jazz world.

It’s a refreshing approach to jazz that gives the listener the ultimate insight into an artist’s musical soul. The album is available on all major online music retailers including Apple, Amazon, Spotify, etc. Full video clips are available upon request. Click here for a youtube album link.

Click on this link to see the album on Spotify.

“I was born in Israel and moved to New Zealand when I was 21. I studied drums for two years, then I opted for a specialization in piano. I obtained a bachelor’s degree in jazz performance in 1999 and continued my studies to become a high school teacher. In 2011 I moved to QLD, Australia. I have released several trio and solo albums; they are all available at major online retail stores. says Dan.

He further says: “My piano teacher at the university (in Wellington) has been Leigh Jacksonand Roger Sellers was my drum teacher (before I majored in piano), I love the music of Bill Evans and Keith Jarret, these are my main influences. Today, I listen to and am inspired by the music and art of Christian McBride – who is a wonderful bassist and bandleader.”

For more on Dan’s music, visit barsjazz.com

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