Death By Audio’s Germanium Filter Pedal Is His “Love Letter To Sticking A Pencil In Your Speaker”

We know Death By Audio always brings the heavy and the wild, so its “fuzzy love letter to stick a pencil in your speaker” with the Germanium filter is exactly what we’d want to hear from the American company. .

It’s built on console-style driver circuitry, “a sprinkling of obsolete germanium transistors” and a super-intense DBA-style filter. It claims to deliver sound “heavy enough to smash and sharp enough to slice a tomato”.

Death by audio

(Image credit: Death By Audio)

A huge gain range is promised which should offer great usability beyond the extremes with a slight overdrive if you don’t want to unleash a full fuzz pedal explosion.

Indeed, DBA points out that in true Germanium fuzz mode, you need to use your guitar’s volume control to get the most out of the dynamics that this true bypass pedal can provide.

The pedal’s Filter control is considered “extremely unconventional”; “it will take you from bottomless subwoofer lows to super searing, scorching highs, with a universe of tone in between,” says DBA.

“The Gain knob starts with a dirty boost that then extends through overdriven drive, spitting distortion and searing fuzz tone,” the company continues. “Prepare to have your sound edited to infinity and a half and captured on tape by the most amazing sound engineer you’ve ever heard – only there’s no engineer and no studio . Just you, your guitar, your amp and the germanium filter.”

The germanium filter costs $225. More info on Death by audio

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