Deeno the God, a talented singer and songwriter from Georgia, continues to impress fans with his touching music

MILLEDGEVILLE, USA, Feb. 24, 2022 / — Deeno produces a refreshing fusion of blues, R&B and hip-hop
Deeno the God, a singer and songwriter from Milledgeville, Georgia, is gaining popularity for his music that resonates with his fans for its authenticity. His voice has been recognized as moving and his music as spiritual because he is inspired by real experiences.

While talking about his inspiration, Deeno said, “The source of inspiration for soul musicians is that of its name: soul. I consider myself the “creator in creation who can create”.

“My music relates to authentic life experiences. It recognizes the connection between self-understanding as it relates to the history of mankind. Deeno added.

His music is available on all major music platforms such as YouTube, Spotify, Apple Music, etc., and is becoming popular among music enthusiasts. He is one of Embedded Records’ top artists, topping their roster and gaining fans with every new song released. He has four trending singles so far, with Love Yourself topping all the charts.

Love Yourself managed to strike a special chord with listeners due to its motivating lyrics and beats. The song was filmed by GRN-ENV films and edited by Greengo films. The young singer delivered a great song that speaks straight to the hearts of listeners. Her soulful vocal talent is an obvious by-product of her upbringing in the south. “Love Yourself is a special song that urges people to understand the importance of self-love. When I was writing this song, I was looking to empower others to see themselves as the most important thing in life. Self-love is of the utmost importance,” says Deeno.

“My music generally reflects my overall style and is always relevant to my audience. My goal is to create a song that people instantly connect with. I always hope that through my songs people will find an outlet for themselves. express.’ He added.

Her fans have recognized her work as beautiful, inspiring and motivational. Some responses from people who enjoy Deeno’s music:

“Beautiful song Deeno. We’ve been listening to you since you were little! Kisses to you!!!” said Mary Dickens.

Some outlets such as Indie Hip-Hop, She Bloggin and Above Average Hip-Hop have called it:

“Club ready and accessible.”

“Clever writing.”

“The voices guarantee he will stand out in a world full of imitators and imposters.”

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