Dierks Bentley mourns cancer warrior Baylee Barradas

A month ago, Dierks Bentley gave a private concert to a fan named Baylee Barradas. She was battling cancer in her hometown of Phoenix, Arizona, so he showed up with his guitar and made a new friend.

On Monday (June 21), Bentley recalled how special this short friendship was in a tribute on social networks who let fans know that Barradas has passed away. KPNX in Phoenix reports that she suffered from a genetic condition called neurofibromatosis 1, and that this diagnosis comes with an increased risk of cancerous tumors like the one doctors found in her leg last December.

At the time of May’s private concert, she opened up about the struggles of her tumor spreading to her lungs. Bentley’s performance, especially the song “Risers”, was a necessary distraction.

“The whole time he was playing, I didn’t have any twitching in my leg, meaning when my leg is shaking. I didn’t have any pain, I was just very relaxed,” he said. explained Barradas. This photo was taken that day:

In his most recent post, Bentley says he’s honored and humbled to be able to perform for Barradas. His message is that he has learned that he does not do what he does for bigger and bigger crowds, but for people on an individual level, like this longtime country fan and regular at concerts in Bentley.

“Baylee’s dad told me, ‘it’s never too late to make a lifelong friend,’” Bentley said in closing a note. “Nothing could be more true for me and my friend Baylee. God bless you.”

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May they rest in peace …

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