Dozens gather at City Hall to discuss ways to reduce crime in the capital

JACKSON, Miss. (WLBT) – The new year in Jackson has started off violently with nine homicides already this year.

On Thursday, law enforcement officials gathered for a town hall meeting to discuss ways the community can help reduce crime.

Over the past two years, Jackson has set new records for the most homicides in a year. However, law enforcement, along with city and county leaders, are on a mission to prevent this from happening for a third year.

“We’re cleaning up crime in the city of Jackson as well as Hinds County,” said District 2 Supervisor David Archie. “We’re even coming with a new theme song: We’re Picking You Up.”

Dozens of concerned residents gathered inside the New Mount Olive Baptist Church seeking solutions.

Jackson Police Chief James Davis, along with Hinds County Sheriff Tyree Jones, gave an overview of the things they see contributing to the city’s crime problems.

Davis said they are seeing an increase in crimes involving women and minors.

Veteran officers said much of it started in what they call “broken homes.” That’s why they challenge parents and community members to get more involved and engage with young people.

In fact, Chief Davis said he was asking heads of state to provide more resources to address this issue.

“For example, a gentleman said we needed basketball goals or after-school activities for the kids,” Chief Davis said. “We as a police department can’t provide that, but we’re asking the state to help meet some of those needs, because if you’re keeping a child busy, chances are that he is too tired to go commit a crime.These are some of the resources needed in a community that lacks them.

“We need all individuals, businesses, churches and other community stakeholders on board to help us deal with the situation we are currently facing,” Hinds County Sheriff Tyree Jones said. .

U.S. District Attorney Darren LaMarca also spoke at the town hall about the new Violent Weapons Reduction and Interdiction Program, also known as V-GRIP. It was launched earlier this month.

The initiative allows local and federal agents to work together to get the bad guys off the streets.

LaMarca said they have already made arrests and thinks this will be a useful tool in reducing crime in Jackson.

“We hope that over the next few months the work we are doing will show a reduction in the number of violent crimes that are happening in the city,” he said.

Ward Three Councilor Kenneth Stokes hosted Town Hall. He is also hosting a Stop the Violence rally this Saturday.

It will begin at 2:30 p.m. at the Delta Mart mall located on Medgar Evers Boulevard.

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