Drake fans are convinced he’s talking about “ruining” his relationship with Rihanna in a new …

September 7, 2021, 12:49

Did Drake Really Hijack Rihanna on Certified Lover Boy?

Rumors surrounding Rihanna and Drake’s intermittent romance have been circulating since 2009.

The pair appeared to officially go their separate ways in 2016, but fans never got to know the full story of what happened between ‘Aub-Rih’.

However, fans are convinced that Drake hijacked the Fenty icon on the new song “F * king fans” on CLB – giving details of the split.

Drake delivered his long-awaited Certified Lover Boy to fans, which broke Spotify records on release day.

The album was full of exciting features – including Jay Z, 21 Savage, Tems, and more.

fans think Drake was talking about Rihanna on new track

fans believe Drake was talking about Rihanna on the new track “F * cking fans”.


However, attention was drawn to the song “F * cking Fans” which listeners say details why the two music icons came to an end.

Besides having several songs together, such as “Work” and “Take Care”, the superstar rapper has told the world he “loved” Rihanna since he was “22” when they presented an award. together at the 2016 VMA Awards.

As a result, the pair even got matching tattoos – which Rih has since covered up.

However, it was confirmed that it was completely over between the two in 2018, when the ‘ANTI’ singer told Vogue that she was no longer friends with the Toronto star.

The new song from the stars is rumored to give some details about the separation of the couples.

The first verse of the song begins by saying, “I’m still working on myself, and I come back better for you (I’m coming back, oh-ooh). Most of the time, it was my selfishness and your helplessness that I took advantage of ”

The verse then says: “I am so sorry that I let you down”.

Later the rapper says: “I should have come home, come home sooner. You would probably still be here if I came home. I love you like I treat you. You would always be there.”

Drake also appears to confess to cheating on the mysterious woman, saying: “You said I was screwed when I was here fucking fans, and that was driving you crazy.”

Fans believe Drake confesses to cheating

Fans believe Drake confesses to cheating.


Fans are also speculating on lyrics like: “Difficult for me to justify the women I was in, especially when the whole world would have liked to have you” – assuming it would relate to Rihanna as she is desired by many.

Perhaps the most shocking revelation is that of Drake touching his son Adonis saying: “So I had a child even though I never planned to do it, I can’t imagine when your daughters gave you this news” – suggesting to cheat on the woman under discussion resulted in the conception of her son.

Drake refers to his son Adonis

Drake refers to his son Adonis.


Fans took to Twitter to discuss the track, saying, “My favorite part of new drake is looking for the song that is definitely about Rihanna and the answer for CLB is ‘F * cking Fans’.”

Another tweeter said: “‘F * cking Fans’ is the closest we can ever understand to the intricacies of AubRih’s downfall.”

Conclusion: “I will never forgive Drake for hurting Rihanna but it was the closure we needed.”

The discussion continued with a Twitter user saying, “Drake really lost Rihanna to some fans lol he hell”

Another fan said: “Listening to fucking fans and realizing Part 2 is about Rihanna. Drake is insignificant”

Rihanna is currently dating rapper A $ AP Rocky, the couple have been linked since late 2020.

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