EMBRYONIC AUTOPSY Releases Lyric Video for New Single; Features guest solo by former DEATH/OBITUARY guitarist JAMES MURPHY

Old school brutal death metal band Embryonic Autopsy have released a lyric video for their new single, “Cauterized Womb Impalement,” which features a guest solo from James Murphy (ex-Death, Obituary, Testament). Watch the clip below.

The song is taken from the upcoming album, Prophecies Of The Conjoined, which will be released on February 18 via Massacre Records. It contains a total of ten songs and will be available in Digipak CD, limited edition vinyl LP as well as digital formats. Pre-order here.

Nine of the ten songs were mixed by Scott Roberts, while Ulrich Wild mixed the remaining song. All songs were mastered by Jason Z at TVR Studios. The album cover – available below – was designed by Diego Gedoz de Souza.

Embryonic Autopsy focuses on bringing back the style that made death metal so popular in the early 90s, so get ready for blazing guitars, throaty vocals and lightning-fast percussion galore.

Track list:

“Regurgitated And Retired”
“Impalation of the Cauterized Uterus”
“Spousal Prophecies”
“Envy of the Mutated Fetus”
“On the Mayan Throne”
“Splice the Alien Gene”
“Telekinetic Insemination”
“Cannibalized by the Octuplets”
“Impalation of the Cauterized Uterus (Genetically Modified)”
“Recombination sequence complete”

“Cauterized Womb Impalement” Lyric Video:

Video “Regurgitated And Retired”:

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