Eric Clapton tried to convince Ozzy to change the lyrics of the song about Jesus

Ozzy Osbourne is no stranger to controversy, and the singer reveals in a new issue of Classic Rock magazine that there is a lyric on his new album that could be pushed back a bit. In fact, he has already done so since one of the Patient number 9 guest contributors, Eric Clapton.

The song in question is “One of These Days”, which features a lyric, “One of those days when I don’t believe in Jesus.” Seeing the potential for trouble, Ozzy told Clapton tried to convince him to change it.

Osbourne put the lyrics into context, stating, “It’s not an I Am An Anti-Christ song. It’s about those days when everything goes wrong, and you go crazy trying to fix it.”

Revealing Clapton’s initial reaction, Osbourne recalled: “He said, ‘Oh, I’m not sure about those lyrics. So we tried to replace it with alternatives. We did “One of Those Days I Don’t Believe in Christmas” but it didn’t sound right. Losing faith in Jesus makes a lot more sense when the world is going to shit. “

Regardless of the potential lyrical pushback, Osbourne says, “I think that song and the whole album turned out great.”

Patient number 9 is on track for a September 9 release via Epic, and pre-orders are available at this location. In addition to Clapton, the album features guest contributions from Jeff Beck, Tony Iommi, Zakk Wylde, Chad Smith, Duff McKagan, Mike McCready, Robert Trujillo, Chris Chaney, producer Andrew Watt and Taylor Hawkins.

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