Ermine Furs among the artists who will play Vinylyte on September 16

Photo by Brennan Rayburn

Ermine Furs is, from left, bassist Bo Brewer, lead guitarist Abbey Knight, drummer Joey Riddell and vocalist/guitarist Jay Pickard.

Local music fans will have the opportunity to catch a set by young rockers Ermine Furs in Newnan this month.

On Friday, September 16, Vinylyte Records and Skate Shop will host their monthly open mic night, and Ermine Furs will be one of the up-and-coming local artists.

Inspired by classic rock bands like the Rolling Stones, Beatles and Doors, Ermine Furs will bring audiences a mix of original songs and covers with an emphasis on psychedelic rock ‘n’ roll fused with old American blues.

The band includes lead guitarist Abbey Knight, bassist Bo Brewer, drummer Joey Riddell and vocalist/guitarist Jay Pickard.

Brewer and Pickard met in 2018 with the shared aspiration of playing in a rock ‘n’ roll band, forming nearly 10 bands after they first met. While the new incarnation, Ermine Furs, is only a few months old, you’d think the four members had been playing together for years.

Pickard said the band’s name was inspired by a lyric from “Venus in Furs” written by Lou Reed – “Ermine furs adorn the imperious”, meaning pretty material has the power to make beautiful. the commander and the almighty, he said.

“The band likes to think of themselves as bearers of a powerful message, a message that can’t be spoken, only felt,” Pickard said. “And this message should be dressed in furs to attract people.”

The September 16 show, which begins at 6 p.m., is a free, family-friendly experience.

“We would really like to thank everyone at Vinylyte for opening up such a cool space for everyone to come and play. I personally think it’s one of the most intrinsic parts of life at Newnan,” said said Pickard.

Brewer agreed.

“I’m really happy that our city can cultivate a creative music scene,” he said. “The fact that everyone can play together and appreciate each other’s art is amazing.”

Pickard said he is also grateful to the local community for supporting events such as Vinylyte’s open mic night.

“We always appreciate our community taking the time to come out and support local artists and businesses,” Pickard said. “We’re planning on putting on a great show, and we think you’re really going to dig everything you hear from these mean acts.”

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