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Frankie Rex, an up-and-coming trans-masc vocalist and one half of the alternate duo The FMs, is dead. They were 37.

In a message to their official site as well as their social media accountsbandmate Matte Namer revealed that Rex died of “apparent fentanyl poisoning” while with their partner at their home in Ithaca, New York.

Namer also announced that Rex’s death would mark the end of The FMs for now, calling it “a beautiful dream we had to wake up from way too soon”, before adding that the duo had recorded at least two albums. of material which they intended to share with the world at a later date. “We believe it is now our duty to share these artistic contributions with the world and find beautiful ways to honor Frankie’s memory,” they wrote.

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Rex was well known in New York’s alternative punk scene, having been a member of several rock bands, including queer-punk trio BOYS and stoner punk band The Violent Orange in the late 2000s and early 2010s. .

When they reunited to form The FMs in 2017, Rex and Namer both saw their profiles begin to rise, performing inclusive underground shows with Brooklyn underground collective Subvert, while also performing at EDM festivals. and sharing their scenes with members of Devo and The Village. People. They released their first album, Machinacene periodin 2017.

FMs had their biggest year yet in 2021, when they released a string of singles that began to garner more public attention. More precisely with “Song X», and its sequel video directed by established music video writer Matt Mahurin, the group saw their streams reach new heights, surpassing 100,000 on Spotify.

In their memorial message, Namer praised Rex’s ability to include their fierce advocacy for trans and non-binary communities in their music, calling “Song X” “an anthem for the freedom to be gender fluid from the a point of view often unknown to a trans man.Rex’s lyrics were direct and fearless: “Gender roles are outdated but it holds / A pendulum on our throats / Cut our vocal cords / As we scream.”

Namer shared that while there will be no organized public services for Rex, they plan to hold an “epic memorial concert this summer for them where we can raise money for memorials for them and causes that Frankie would have cared about such as music and causes that support the trans-mask community.

Read Namer’s full post on Rex’s death below:

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