Genshin Impact 2.5 Best Team Comps for Spiral Abyss and Beyond

The following tier list features Genshin Impact’s most popular team compositions for the upcoming release. 2.5.

These teams have very specific goals and strengths. Therefore, they are not ranked in order of importance as we consider them. There’s no one better than the rest, but these are all comps you’ll want to put together to push the boundaries of Genshin Impact 2.5.

Genshin Impact 2.5 Best Teams

There are varieties of these teams that replace one or two characters. We will cite the most common. This is not a fixed guide, but a general idea of ​​the most successful teams.

National team

It’s the classic team, the most F2P friendly, because it doesn’t need fancy weapons or 5-star DPS. The national team is a great starting point for most beginners.

DPS: Xianling

Under DPS: Xingqiu

Support: Chongyun

Support: Bennett

Variation: Replace Chongyun with Kaeya, Rosaria or Sucrose.

National team synergy is the key and fast playing style with Bennet and Chongyun enhancing the fusion reaction of Xingqiu and Xiangling.

Rational team

Maybe the national team weakling is Chongyun, so what if you replace him with a 5-star monster like Raiden Shogun?

Well, you get the most popular team in the current Spiral Abyss. Raiden Shogun is the best battery in the game. She is part of this team to make sure Xingqiu and Xianling have no trouble with their expensive burst.

DPS: Xianling

Under DPS: Xingqiu

Support: Raiden Shogun

Support: Bennett

Raiden Shogun is not only there to provide energy particles, but she can also contribute with a very decent amount of DMG.

International team

Another variant of the OG national team, the international element, comes from the inclusion of Childe from Snezhnaya and Kazuha from Inazuma.

DPS: Tartaglia

Under DPS: Xiangling

Support: Kazuha

Elemental Activator: Xingqiu

A good team in most scenarios, against large monsters, single targets, unfreezable enemies.

The international team is a bit less popular in recent updates, with Cryo being the current enemy meta in Spiral Abyss.

Ganyu Gel Comp

Now we are entering world record territory, but also less friendly for F2P players. Ganyu is known as one of the best DPS in the game; this is the team where she shines the most.

DPS: Ganyu

Under DPS: Venti

Support: Mona

Elemental Activator: Diona

Variants: Kokomi instead of Mona. Zhongli instead of Diona. Kazuha or Sucrose instead of Venti.

Diona provides heal, shield, and elemental resonance to Ganyu while Mona freezes them and Venti collects them, so Ganyu obliterates them.

Vaping Team

These teams are all about vaporizing enemies. Hu Tao is the best at it, with Xingqiu as her best ally. The other two characters serve Hu Tao’s crazy DMG.

DPS: Hu Tao

Under DPS: Xingqiu

Support: Zhongli

Support: Albedo

Variation: Bennet instead of Albedo, other Pyro DPS instead of Hu Tao. Kokomi instead of Albedo.

This team is excellent. The only problem is that the devs are nerfing it with new enemies that can cause corrosion or ignore shields.

Honorable mention

The following teams are currently not among the most popular. However, they turned out to be quite strong.

  • demon hunter
    • DPS:Xiao
    • Under DPS: Albedo
    • Support: Zhongli
    • Elemental Activator: Jeans
  • Mono Geo
    • DPS: Arataki Itto
    • Under DPS: Albedo
    • Support: Zhongli


As the name suggests, the team is all about freezing enemies to death. Ayaka is the star of the show, but the addition of Shenhe pushes the team to a different level.

DPS: Ayaka

Under DPS: Kazuha

Support: Kokomi

Elemental Activator: Shenhe

Variants: Venti instead of Kazuha and Mona instead of Kokomi.

There are many variations of this team over time. Ayaka’s fun playstyle and power have made her the Ice Queen. Along with rational, the most popular teams in the current Spiral Abyss.

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