Gmail rolls out visual and feature updates for email composition tools

Originally announced in October last year, Google is finally delivering on its promise to roll out new features in the compose tool for Gmail. An overhaul of the visual compose field, including the “To”, “Cc” and even “Bcc” section, makes it easier to be sure you’re sending things or including the right people.

To do this, every smart contact chip or “avatar chip” as Google dubs it, despite the field it appears in, will now display the recipient’s profile picture. Additionally, a new context menu is added to make it easier to view a recipient’s details, such as name, email address, etc.

A warning banner appears if you add someone outside your organization

Better indicators when a user is outside of your organization and visual indicators when you’ve already added a user as a recipient will all also be there once the update finally rolls out. As stated earlier, this was supposed to be available to everyone with a Workspace or G Suite Basic and Business license, but for some reason development on this has stalled.

Contacts you have already added will be grayed out

[July 7, 2022]: Starting today, these features will resume rolling out slowly; we expect them to be completed by the end of September 2022.

Workspace Updates Blog

At the top of the Workspace Updates blog, Google has placed an update in big red text that says this is back on schedule after some performance issues, indicating that the features described above will begin to roll out slowly. Apparently they should be available to everyone by the end of September this year. As a reminder, only holders of a Workspace for Education Fundamentals, Education Standard, Education Plus or Teaching and Learning Upgrades license will not be able to benefit from these updates.

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