Goose Opens Legend Valley Weekend With Two Debuts And An Explosive “All I Need” Jam [Photos/Videos]

Valley of Legendsa 230-acre concert hall and campground in Thornville, OH, is quickly becoming a home away from home for goose, the indie-groove quintet-that-is-not-a-jam-band-that-is-definitely-a-jam-band from Wilton, CT. While the Internet is busy trying to rank one of America’s most popular musical groups and one of the most captivating success stories, Goose is being Goose: a band that is going full throttle and that pushes the boundaries of creativity on all fronts, from the studio to the live stage. , with a new album, drip fieldscheduled in just two weeks and its self-titled tour is in full swing.

As Pierre Anspach shared in an April interview with live for live music“Legend Valley brings out the ultimate Goose-iness [laughs]. I don’t know what it is exactly, but that’s the best way to describe it. It looks like a very big playground and the atmosphere there is like a summer camp. It’s just a big open field that’s taken off the road. There’s a backstage pool and big dinosaurs. There’s just a serious vibe and I feel like every time we’ve played there in the past there’s always some kind of crazy special energy going on so I’d be careful to that one.

Following the advice of the multi-instrumentalist, fans from all over the country settled into the room formerly known as Buckeye Lake Music Centerwhere the avian quintet builds a story from a historic late night in Resonance Music and Arts Festival in 2018. Goose — visiting for his sixth and seventh shows during five separate visits to the legendary venue — calls Legend Valley home, and with on-site camping next to the stage, it’s no surprise that fans also feel very comfortable here. You couldn’t help but feel that vibe as you walked through the doors, walking in the shadow of both tangible and perceived dinosaurs.

Giving the herd a chance to settle in and make camp, Goose took to the stage well after dark, upgrading the Midwestern vibe with a bit of “California Magic” as the early days of the Winter 2022 made their first appearance in a show opening slot. The group then offered the first of the evening’s two debuts, “Butterflies,” written and sung by Anspach, with a brilliant vocal that matched the lighting director. Andrew GoddeThe lavender color palette but the bassist denies it Trevor Weekthe haunting bass line. The song recently had its release party with the re-emergence of high school band Anspach, Big Bluelast April between Goose tours.

Goose – “California Magic” [Pro-Shot] – 06/10/22

The group recognized the metaphorical dinosaurs on the ground where Jerry Garcia once stood with a cover of The Grateful Dead’s “Mississippi Half-Step Uptown Toodeloo,” a song that up until that point had been at the top of my most-played-but-never seen show stats. Goose made the well-known track his own around the eighth minute as Peter pounded his Vintage Vibe keyboard and the band took to their feet behind him. Ten minutes later, hardly anyone would be able to remember that this improvisational masterpiece was still “Half-Step” as bright neon bars popped up behind the band and guitarist. Rich Mitarotonda found peak after peak of improvisation in this easy jam of the year contender.

The seductive low end and multi-part compound structure of “The Old Man’s Boat” came next before moving on to “Creatures”. When a band’s catalog lends itself to live performance, there is a natural tendency – a desire, even – to compare live performances and crown one as the “best of all time”. Is every “Creatures” the best ever? Of course not. But it sure does look like that at the time, and this one got me the blue ribbon.

Oh this moment, it’s the only thing you know.

More than twenty minutes later, Goose found another seamless transition, this one locating the second start of the evening as Rick sang “Turbulence & The Night Rays”, a Vasudo song that was last performed by Goose’s predecessor in 2012. Undoubtedly driven by the palpable love and mutual respect connecting the Goose to his herd, the band both had the guts to debut this song from a transition and the ability to deliver it with end-of-set ferocity, a fact that was not at all lost on one of the participants.

After a well-deserved rest during which many recharged in the comfort of their camps, Goose returned with a 35-minute opener “All I Need” which again begged for the “greatest argument ever”. sound technician Sam Bardani had the sound composed from the opening notes, but the teeth-chattering bass that fell on Legend Valley became emblematic of what was to be a much darker second set as Weekz and the drummer Ben Atkind asserted themselves in the mix and Anspach got weird on the synth. As “All I Need” passed twenty minutes and settled into its third (and fourth) jam section, Goose seemed to return “jam band?” unnecessary question – rank them however you want, but be sure to call these prodigious young improvisers one of the hottest young bands in America.

The moody blues“Nights In White Satin” followed for the sixth time since its debut in Brooklyn, NY on 01/25/20, the anthemic rock and roll powerhouse managing as always to both encapsulate the empathetic spirit in the air and to surround Rick’s extraordinary voice and guitar tone in red pen.

“Red Bird” was next, Goedde’s color wheel fittingly aligning as Weekz and Bardani continued to assault fans’ molecular structures with perfectly dialed bass bombs. Without stopping, the “Spirit Of The Dark Horse” emerged from the shadows. Driven by Ben’s beats, the song’s telltale title tempered lighter play on Anspach’s keys. The instrumental flight “Dragonfly”, from Goose’s 2021 Ted Strips collection, concluded a flawless show as Mitarotonda’s fingers deftly flew around his shaft.

“We really like this place. We love you guys,” Anspach said as the band returned for a “Jive II” encore, completing the missing piece of the “Jive” trio that had started two days earlier in Buffalo.

All in all, Goose delivered on Anspach’s promise, giving Legend Valley a nearly three-hour show with a setlist that included two debuts, choice covers, and an instant 35-minute classic “All I Need.” Without a doubt, this was Goose’s best show from the last show until the next show.

Goose returns for more “ultimate Goose-iness” at Legend Valley tonight, Sunday, June 11. For a full list of Dripfield tour dates, including next stops at bonnaroo, Radio City Music Hall, The Peach Music Festivaland Red Rocks AmphitheaterClick here.

Check out a photo gallery from the show below via Daniel Ojeda.

Setlist: Goose | Legend Valley | Thornville, OH | 06/10/22

Set One: California Magic, Butterflies {1}, Mississippi Half-Step Uptown Toodeloo {2}, The Old Man’s Boat > Creatures > Turbulence & The Night Rays {3}

Set 2: All I Need > White Satin Nights {4}, Red Bird > Spirit Of The Dark Horse > Dragonfly

Again: Jive II

{1} FTP, new track written by Peter
{2} The Grateful Dead
{3} FTP like Goose, LTP like Vasudo 2012
{4} The Moody Blues

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