Goose plays the 2021 New Years concert in Chicago

Watch Goose’s full NYE concert.

By Nate Todd January 1, 2022 1:31 p.m. PST

Goose rang the New Years Eve at the Riviera Theater in Chicago on Friday. The Connecticut quintet served up a host of original favorites as well as a few picks of choice over the course of three sets.

Goose opened the show with a typically deep ‘arrow’ that contained a driving jam with guitar fireworks from Rick Mitarotonda before the band settled into a groove that escalated into a punctuated disco-tinged rave. once again by Rick before the band chills things down with a follow-up in “Heart of Rosewood.” Keyboardists / guitarists Peter Anspach then led the way through “White Lights” which also saw a shimmering piano solo from Peter. Then the quintet embarked on “The Old Man’s Boat” before Santo & Johnny Farina’s “Sleepwalk” – last performed on October 19, 2019 – to close the first frame.

A cover of Vampire Weekend’s “2021”, which the band recorded for the VW-hosted EP 40:42 EP kicked off the second set and stretched almost as long as the original, which lasted exactly 21 minutes and 21 seconds, to 19 minutes. “Flodown” from the Gooses 2021 album Shenanigans night club followed before the quintet delivers The Grateful Dead’s “One More Saturday Night” – last performed on December 11, 2019 – to preface two closer “Arcadia”.

“Wysteria Lane” threw the third frame and walked over to Elton John / Tim Rice Lion King classic “Circle Of Life” soundtrack. The cover – which featured Goose manager Jon “Coach” Lombardi on a giant rain stick – only saw the action for the third time with the final play coming during Goosemas 4 in 2017 after the group debuted the song at their very first concert on September 27, 2014. The countdown has started at the end of “Circle Of Life”.

Coach stayed on the rain stick for the 2022 first song, “The Empress Of Organos,” and also used percussion on Jeffrey Arevalo case. Goose then took “Creatures” on a 23-minute excursion that contained teases of Harold Faltermeyer’s iconic synth number “Axel F” from the Beverly Hills cop soundtrack. “Seekers On The Ridge Parts 1 & 2” closed the final frame. Goose returned to the encore with “So Ready” to close the NYE concert.

Watch the full video from the show below:


Setlist (via El Goose)

Series 1: arrow> rosewood heart, white lights, the old man’s boat, sleepwalking {1}

Second set: 2021 {2}, Flodown, One More Saturday Night {3}> Arcadia

Set Three: Wysteria Lane> Circle of Life {4} {5}> Empress of the Organos {5} {6}, Creatures {7}> Your Ocean, Researchers on the Ridge pt 1 and pt 2

Again: So ready

Coach’s Notes:

  • {1} Santo & Johnny Farina
  • {2} Vampire Weekend
  • {3} The Grateful Dead
  • {4} LTP Goosemas 4, only 3rd time played, this song was played during the band’s first concert on 9.27.14. At the end of the song, the countdown to 2022 has begun. At the end of the tune, the band rang in the New Year.
  • {5} JonL played a 10 foot rain stick
  • {6} JonL played fish and chimes on Jeffs’ kit
  • {7} Axel F teases

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