Great British Bake Off’s most popular contestants, ranked by Instagram followers

The bakers of The Great British Bake Off started from different activities in life. But since their taste of fame on the show, many of them have gone on to become full-time cooking and baking professionals. Needless to say, the popularity of the show ensures that they have a good social following on Instagram.

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In some cases, the Instagram followers of some former contestants have increased significantly as a result of their side activities as well. For example, John Whaite has also been on a dance reality show while Nadiya Hussain is a bestselling author and TV personality when she’s not busy cooking. At the same time, some of these Great British Bake Off alumni also have time to post personal updates on their lives.

ten Laura Adlington – 204K Subscribers

One of the most cited Great British Bake Off Bakers, Season 11 runner-up Laura Adlington’s Instagram, is full of culinary delights she offers as well as photos of herself with her friends. Most of the time, she seems to be happy and cheerful, which can make her fans smile. At the same time, Adlington also occasionally uses the platform to address issues such as body shaming, diet culture, plus size fashion, and more.

This is reflected in the detailed captions where she offers her take on something she recently read or general opinions on life. Such messages could also positively motivate some fans to love themselves and their bodies.

9 Giuseppe Dell’Anno – 217K Subscribers

Originally from Italy, Giuseppe Dell’Anno (popularly known as Giuseppe) moved to the UK after being crowned the winner of season 11 of The Great British Bake Off. Giuseppe regularly publishes on Instagram the new recipes he has imagined. Her Insta also includes wholesome memories of her daily life.

For example, his recent posts include time he spent with his great aunt making pizza. Then, there is another that finds him posing in front of a TV screen showing his very first appearance on Italian television. As fans scrolled by, they would find plenty of authentic moments.


8 Ruby Bhogal – 240K Followers

Season 9 runner-up Ruby Bhogal’s Instagram consists of her date with food as well as other daily activities. His captions usually detail his stream of thoughts and add a more personal touch for fans. Whether it’s her first cup of coffee of the day or a pottery workshop she finished, Bhogal is great with descriptions. When it comes to visual content, there’s no shortage of aesthetic food shots either.

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Even the food-related posts are also detailed, with captions going deep into not just the recipes, but the concept behind them. Discover, for example, the cakes inspired by Edvard Munch’s “Scream” or Vincent Van Gogh’s “A Starry Night”.

seven Peter Sawkins – 244K Subscribers

Peter Sawkins’ Insta account is named after his recent book baked stonethan the youngest GBBO winner also promoted on his social media. Photos with friends old and new also fill his feed alongside significant events such as how he became an honorary burgher of the City of Edinburgh.

And then, needless to say, @peter_bakes’ Insta grids include lots and lots of cakes. Recipes include classics from The Great British Bake Off as well as new ones. He details the cooking process behind the treats in some of his reels which are once again extremely satisfying to watch.

6 Candice Brown – 272K Subscribers

Season 7 winner Candice Brown’s Instagram includes her daily shenanigans with food and events where she can show off her cooking skills. Occasional posts also focus on breast cancer awareness in conjunction with London-based charity Coppafeel.

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The rest of her Instagram profile covers other businesses such as signing events and promotions for her book. Good food. Another touching member popping up on her social media is Sybil, a rescue dog Brown adopted a few years ago.

5 John Whithe – 307K Followers

Apart from the usual “cake posting”, John Whaite’s Instagram is currently awash with his dancing prowess. The Season 3 winner also appeared on the dance reality show Come dance strictly. So many of her photographs and videos offer a behind-the-scenes look at her time with the show as well as an accompanying dance tour. Whaite’s dance partner, Johannes Radebe, also occasionally appears in these posts.

Apart from her cooking and dancing, Whaite also uses the platform to upload her music covers. Often found with an acoustic guitar strung across his neck, his Insta covers include Taylor Swift’s “Lover” and Joni Mitchell’s “River.”

4 Kim-Joy Hewlett – 354K Subscribers

Kim-Joy was the second runner-up for Season 9. Since then, she has released two cookbooks and she continues her culinary adventures as documented on Instagram. Her recent cake posts stand out for their creative and eye-catching designs. Expect creatures like owls, turkeys, penguins, frogs and more adorned with frosting and coloring.

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Some of her cake designs are also festival-specific with Kim-Joy baking specials for Halloween, Day of the Dead and Christmas. Along with offering previews of her books, she also shares content related to a card game called Kim-Joy’s Magical Bakery.

3 Rahul Mandal – 374K Followers

Dr. Rahul Mandal was an engineering researcher before being one of the first 10 winners of The Great British Bake Off. Besides baking, the Season 9 winner has also been involved in educational campaigns in the UK. However, his Instagram mainly focuses on his cooking reels where he shows cakes in intense detail.

Other posts include wholesome encounters with loved ones, including his family in India, a friend’s chat and another GBBO baker Ruby Bhogal. His humble personality comes from the fact that he Instagrams a lot of his day-to-day activities without any brand promotions or scripted captions. So fans can find him showing off his latest recipe in a magazine or hanging out with Star Wars cosplayers down the street.

2 Edd Kimber – 395K Subscribers

Edd Kimber aka “The Boy Who Bakes” was the winner of the inaugural season of The Great British Bake Off. So it is obvious that he also gathers a huge following on Instagram. His grid is filled with the cakes and cookies he ends up making, sometimes with photos of him posing with his culinary creations.

Like many other comrades Great British Bake Off candidates, he is also an author and therefore, some of his messages relate to his book A baked tin. Besides sweet foods, Kimber’s Instagram also finds him experimenting with savory foods such as pizza and focaccia.

1 Nadiya Hussain – 842K Followers

Nadiya Hussain won season 6 and arguably became the most popular GBBO winner since his victory. Attracting an impressive 842,000 followers, she regularly posts on Instagram about her cooking, books and media appearances. Hussain has also found great success in the latter two pursuits, even dabbling in children’s fiction and writing and starring in his own cooking shows.

Family also plays a major role in her life, as evidenced by posts promoting her husband, parents, and children. Apart from providing insight into his personal and professional life, Hussain also uses Instagram for posts related to humanitarian campaigns on education and health.

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