Guitarist MICK SWEDA talks about leaving BULLETBOYS – “I feel immense relief”

January 3, Metal sludge reported that guitarist Mick Sweda and drummer Jimmy D’Anda have left BulletBoys.

Sweda shared the news via Facebook live. Check out the clip below.

Here is part of Sweda’s statement:

“In the past I know it’s been said that anyone who wasn’t in BulletBoys has quit fans, and that may or may not be something you will hear in interviews or whatever. Believe me, it doesn’t. has nothing to do with stopping the fans and everything to do with not wanting to go down a road that’s strewn with conflict and mistrust and bitterness and everything in between. It really is, at this point out of our life, imperative – at least for me; I’m going to speak for myself here – that I just remove all forms of toxicity. I’m sure you all understand that this can no longer be a part of my life. The fact that we were all original and that we have good shows and a good time playing the shows – there is no doubt about it; I had a wonderful time and looked forward to doing it all throughout 2022 – but once it gets to a point where it’s toxic, you can’t have it in your life anymore.

I am grateful that everyone understands, and I apologize to you. I couldn’t wait for it to be a great race, a great year and a way out of it. But this is not the case.”

Sweda followed on Jan. 7 in an appearance on the Waste Some Time With Jason Green podcast, offering some details on what prompted him and D’Anda to decide to quit the group. Check out the interview below.

Sweda: “Before the Whiskey concert my reservations were deep. When Jimmy told me he wasn’t going to continue and our management bailed out, that was about it for me. After playing the concert Whiskey I thought everything could change but again the naivety is strong with this one. Frankly I feel tremendous relief in the feeling of weight lifted off my shoulders every time I leave this group ( laughs). It can be scary and stomach-upsetting. I don’t need it in my life at this point. “

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