Hall of Fame member visits Colmer Middle School

PASCAGOULA, Miss. (WLOX) – Award-winning singer-songwriter Karen Reynolds spoke with students at Colmer Middle School in Pascagoula about what it takes to be successful in the business.

She said music was part of her family business.

“It became so for me that every time I had to do it, I became more interested and wanted to do it more,” Reynolds said.

His interest blossomed into a 30-year career full of high-profile accolades, like his induction into the East Tennessee Writers Hall of Fame.

“Realizing that I was inducted into the Hall of Fame the same night as Dolly Parton was just enough for me, I could have quit then,” Reynolds said.

However, quitting smoking was never a song Reynolds wanted to sing.

“I literally had record executives tell me that I would never have a career, that I wouldn’t have a chance, mostly because of how I looked,” Reynolds said.

Now, Reynolds is here to inspire students at Colmer Middle School to aim for the stars.

“If we want a better world tomorrow, we absolutely have to focus and pay attention to the world today. They will be our whole future,” Reynolds said.

During the visit, Reynolds shared some of his music, gave advice for the music industry, and answered questions.

Reynolds said his words getting stuck in people’s heads is one thing, but his advice to stick with students makes a difference.

“There’s nothing more exciting than that, knowing that you may have planted some kind of seed for this student to build a better life for themselves,” Reynolds said.

Reynolds will perform at the Mississippi Songwriters Festival in Ocean Springs this weekend.

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