“Har Har Shambhu” Song Celebrity Farmani Naaz Says She Will Convert To Hinduism? No, the viral tweet is fake

Indian Idol contestant and YouTube celebrity Farmani Naaz has sparked controversy after recording the song “Har Har Shambhu” dedicated to Lord Shiva. Many Muslim clerics have criticized Farmani Naaz for allegedly hurting Muslim feelings.

Meanwhile, a tweet on behalf of Farmani Naaz goes viral on social media. The viral tweet can be read in Hindi, “मेरे पूर्वज पहले थे थे ,, इसीलिए” हर शंभू “भजन गाया ,, जल्द ही धर्म में शामिल हो जाऊंगी”. [English Translation: ‘My ancestors were Hindu, that’s why I sang the hymn “Har Har Shambhu”, I will join Hinduism soon.] While sharing this tweet, people on social media Farmani tweeted about her Hindu ancestry so she sang “Har Har Shambhu Bhajan” and that she will join Hinduism soon.

A Twitter user shared this tweet and wrote: “हर हर शंभू गाने गायिका गायिका # फरमानी_नाज. आप सनातन में स्वागत है.”

[English Translation: Singer Har Har Shambhu Farmani Naaz. You are welcome in Sanatan Dharma.]

It is widely shared on Facebook and Twitter with a similar claim.

Asianet News also shared this news claiming that Farmani Naaz has declared that she will join Hinduism.

To claim:

Singer Farmani Naaz has tweeted that she will convert to Hinduism soon.

Fact check:

Logical Indian’s fact-checking team verified the viral claim and found it to be false. The viral tweet was made by a fake Twitter account.

During the initial investigation, we scanned the account from which the viral tweet was shared. We observe that in the Twitter bio, the spelling of ‘Singer’ is written as ‘Singar’. Other than that, there were no tweets related to Farmani Naaz and her work i.e. her singing career. Most of the tweets were political, especially those praising the Bharatiya Janata Party and criticizing opposition parties.

Searching further, we found Farmaani Naaz’s original account in which she posted a video in which she narrated that the handful ‘@farmaninaaz786‘ is his original account and that the other Twitter accounts are fake. In the video, she says that some people made a fake ID on her name and writes that she is going to adopt Hinduism and that her ancestors were Hindus. It is not like that. I ask everyone to report these people and question them. Such people should be punished.

Here’s the catch, this video was also uploaded and tweeted by the fake Twitter account @FarmaniNazz786. So that it appears to be a real Farmani Twitter account. We then compared Farmani Naaz’s Twitter account with the fake Twitter account @FarmaniNazz786 from which a viral tweet was made. Looking closely at the accounts, we found that there was a spelling difference in the nicknames of the two accounts. The spelling of Naaz in the original story is “naaz”. Whereas in Fake account, the spelling is “nazz”. Also, ‘F’ is capitalized. Below you can see the comparison.

We scanned Farmani Naaz’s fake profile again and found that it was previously named ‘@Nitin_shuklaa’, which was later changed to ‘@FarmaniNaazz’. This handle @Nitin_shuklaa can be seen in the replies to some tweets.

Farmani Naaz also shared this video on his verified Facebook account and called out another Twitter account for spreading fake news.

It is clear from our investigation and Farmani Naaz’s statement that the viral information about conversion to Hinduism is false. She made no such statement. Additionally, his official Twitter account is @farmaninaaz786while @FarmaniNazz786, from which the viral information was tweeted, is false.

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