HELLOWEEN Guitarist SASCHA GERSTNER talks about songwriting – “I think what I brought to the band is melancholy; If KAI HANSEN is the sun, I’m the moon”

Belgian Jasper caught up with Helloween guitarist Sascha Gerstner to talk about the band’s current tour, their signature guitars, the truth behind the band’s lyrics and more. Check out the interview below.

On writing songs for Helloween:

“Andi (Deris / vocals) and Michael (Weikath / guitars) are able to write really deep lyrics, and they were role models for me when I joined the band (in 2002). There was so much talent around me all of a sudden; bar when it came to songwriting. Also, when I joined the band, my English was really bad. I still have to improve, but at the time it was really, really bad. They said, ‘If you want to write songs, you have to improve your English.’ I think what I brought to the band in terms of songwriting is melancholy. It’s part of my personality. If Kai Hansen is the sun, I’m the moon.

Helloween recently released a special vinyl single, “Best Time”, via Atomic Fire. The single features a 2022 remix of its title track on side A as well as an exclusive alternate vocal remix of the song on side B. this location.

The new video for “Best Time”, directed by Martin Häusler (“Skyfall”), is an extremely cool 3D road movie and sees the cameo of Arch Enemy singer Alissa White-Gluz. Watch a new behind-the-scenes video, as well as the official video, below:

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