“I was born to be a singer and songwriter”

Dolly Parton is known not only for her songs, but also for her hard work. The country music star has revealed what keeps her going and making music for her fans after so many years.

Fame wasn’t important to Dolly Parton

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During an interview with TED speaker Adam Grant on Clubhouse, Parton opened up about his work and his life. Although she is one of the most popular country singers, she says fame was not that important to her. The “9 to 5” singer says she would have continued making music even if she hadn’t become a country music star. Her love of music is so strong that fame doesn’t matter.

“Even if I had never made it in the business, I would have continued to make music because I can’t help it,” Parton says. “It’s just inside of me. Even if I had done nothing more than be a waitress, I would have kept advice from them to go do a demo and try to record my songs and make an album.

Parton also said she would even sell albums out of the back of her car if she had to. “Like I said, I’d sell it out the back of my car,” Parton says. “All of us artists have done this at one time or another. But I would keep doing it, but thank God I don’t have to do exactly that these days. But that’s how much I love the craft and how much I love singing and songwriting.

Dolly Parton on what makes her tick

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Parton says her work still brings her joy and fills her with passion after decades in the entertainment industry. She doesn’t see herself stopping anytime soon for a break. When asked what motivates her every day, she replies that it is her love of music that fuels her.

“First of all, I love the music,” Parton told Grant. “I was born to be a singer and songwriter. And it’s a song that took me out of the smoky mountains in Nashville. It’s a song that has taken me everywhere I want to go and out of this song, so many wonderful things have branched out for me.

What motivated Dolly Parton to write a book with James Patterson

Parton collaborated on a book with James Patterson titled Run, Rose, Run. She says Patterson approached her to co-write a book. She was surprised at first because she thought he was “doing fine” on his own. However, Patterson told him that he went to school at Vanderbilt University in Nashville and wanted to write a book about the city.

Parton and Patterson came up with the idea to talk about a young woman’s struggles to become a country star. She says “a light bulb went on” in her head, and she had the idea of ​​creating an album to accompany the book, a bit like a soundtrack. She thought it made sense because she’s a songwriter and knows Nashville well. In addition to co-authoring the book, Parton wrote songs based on the book’s characters and the situations they found themselves in. His companion album, also titled Run, Rose, Runcame out in March.

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