Impossible Foods Files Amended Lawsuit Against Motif FoodWorks for Patent Infringement

On Monday, Impossible Foods Inc. filed its first amended lawsuit in the Delaware District Court against Motif FoodWorks, Inc. alleging patent infringement.

According to the complaint, Impossible Foods is a Delaware company headquartered in California that develops and distributes plant-based meat products, including the Impossible Burger. In addition, the complaint states that Motif is a Delaware company headquartered in Massachusetts that markets itself as a supplier of plant-based food ingredients, ingredient systems, and finished plant-based food formulations. of plants.

The complaint states that Impossible Foods has several products registered for its plant-based meat products, including methods and composition of its plant-based foods that mimic texture, taste, appearance and aroma. meat. The complaint states that Impossible Foods products mimic meat by incorporating soy-derived heme, a molecule that gives meat its bloody taste when raw and creates intense, meaty flavors and aromas when it is eaten. cooked.

The complaint states that in the summer of 2021, Motif partnered with a Dalla-based restaurant chain, Coolgreens, to produce and sell replica meats containing HEMAMI and is now selling HEMAMI to customers. to incorporate it into their own plant-based meat substitutes. Impossible Foods alleges that HEMAMI and plant-based meat substitutes produced by Motif infringe its patents, including its patents for methods and heme composition.

The complaint alleges that Motif had the opportunity to obtain non-public information regarding Impossible Foods’ proprietary methods for manufacturing its proprietary heme-containing protein which it leveraged to produce and sell HEMAMI. Further, Impossible Foods alleges that Motif was and is currently aware that the inclusion of HEMAMI in replica meat products violates Impossible Foods’ patent rights and that Motif is actively claiming that HEMAMI is a substitute for the patented technology of Impossible Foods. ‘Impossible Foods.

Accordingly, Impossible Food’ has filed the present lawsuit alleging patent infringement of five of its registered patents and seeking declaratory judgment that Motif willfully infringed the patents, injunctive relief, pre- and post-judgment interest, and lawyer.

Impossible Foods is represented by Wilson, Sonsini, Goodrich & Rosati, PC, and Motif is represented by Morris, Nichols, Arsht & Tunnell LLP and Quinn Emanuel Urquhart & Sullivan LLP.

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