Introducing singer-songwriter Jo Cooper

Sydney-based singer-songwriter Jo Cooper is also an anti-bullying advocate whose legal affair with her corporate body (over strata owners’ right to have pets in their homes) fueled his latest single “Gasoline”.

A saga that spanned seven years, Cooper’s battle led to a slew of verbal, emotional and physical bullying.

The “essence” is the fuel to become an inspiring, articulate and strong person who refuses to succumb to the most powerful.

As a result of her experiences, Jo launched The Good Warrior initiative which aims to tackle adult bullying and help individuals not only heal from their experiences, but also find strength and courage in their lives. voice.

“The events of the past nearly seven years have taught me never to underestimate how few people will stand up for what is right and how incredibly hurtful people can be to others,” Jo says.

Who is Jo Cooper… A passionate, high-energy singer-songwriter who hates injustice, fanatical about facts and truth, hates liars and bullies and loves good debates. Don’t lie to me, I always choose it and trip you over your lies.

I seem to… Empowerment with a fighting spirit. I’m not 100% sure who I’m talking about to be honest.

My first gig was… A friend’s birthday in Sydney.

In the studio, I’m used to… Laugh a lot, rewrite lyrics, and love repeating long ad-libs. I’m very expressive, so my biggest challenge is staying close to the microphone. I also feel like I have my voice under control when I drive home, it’s very frustrating.

If I could shoot with someone… Sia and Beyoncé.

Social media is… A love-hate relationship.

My favorite app right now is… ICT Tac. I’m amused by some weird content and what people are losing their minds over; crazy stuff.

My most embarrassing moment to date was… The time I saw my current mother-in-law struggling to tie my thong on a hill hoist on my very first visit to meet her in the countryside.

Later, I overheard her talking to my now-in-law saying she wasn’t sure how girls wear these things; I died a little. We laugh about it now.

Life on the road can be… It’s been a long time; I would say a mixture of pleasure and exhaustion.

If you’d like to have me on your bill, all I’m asking is that the rider contain… Pineapple and cucumber juice.

The scariest scenario I found myself in was… A violent relationship with my first boyfriend.

Which celebrity/famous person would you like to be your spokesperson… I’m more comfortable being my own spokesperson.

If you had to live in a city abroad, where would you choose and why? Portugal. I love everything about it. There is a vibe that captures your heart. I can still smell the air and feel the sun on my face after visiting. Oh, and the port is so smooth.

Three people you would like to invite to dinner… Based on musicians alive today, Barbra Streisand, I love her and her voice; Bruno Mars, because his music is a big party; and Celine Dion, so we can finally do this duet that I played in the car for so many years. Together I think the four of us would have a really good party and could even write a song, what a dream.

If we came to your house, what would you cook for us? Zigni, a dish my parents made for us, a dish they also grew up with in North Africa; or trout and shrimp dumplings. I love dumplings.

When it comes to pets, do you love or hate our furry friends? They actually call me ‘The Dog Lady’. I would say that I am a big lover of our furry friends.

In October 2020, after more than five years, I changed the laws [2020] NSWCA 250 (the Cooper case) and legislation in New South Wales for the right of condominium owners to have pets in their condominium homes. I don’t trust anyone who doesn’t like pets, they are way more superior than us humans.

No matter the expense, send me a case of… I’m not the biggest drinker so I would say the best quality coffee.

The last time I saw the inside of a gymnasium was… Few months ago. I go through phases of gym and outdoor exercise. I walk everywhere.

What chore do you hate the most? Shopping and cleaning the bathrooms.

Do you have any phobias… I don’t know if it’s a phobia. I really hate cheese, I’m not going to handle anything with cheese in it and if the cheese touches my plate, it’s over.

Would you ever be on a reality TV show? Not really my thing. Life is one, great reality show.

If you could prank one of your friends, who is your target and how do you take them down? My friends and sister – who went to the effort of removing the Turkish chocolate filling and replacing it with feta cheese for me.

Yes, I love Turkish delight and I hate feta cheese, so much that it’s not allowed in my house. I’ll bake them a cake full of hot peppers or something they hate for their birthday.

Which fictional character best describes your personality? I was told a mix of Xena Warrior Princess and Wonder Woman; for my obsession with truth, justice and my tenacity to help those who are unable to defend themselves.

The last show you binge-watched? Bridgerton. Forbidden love, fashion and era make it fantastic.

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