Irish singer-songwriter Lukewarmdaily96 releases introspective debut single “Peaching”

Irish singer-songwriter lukewarm every day96 delivers his first single “Peaching”, a minimalist acoustic offering that sees him compare empathy to bruised fruit. Wrapped in the warmth of her deep, soothing voice and simple yet poetic lyricism, the song begs the question of what it really means to be a good friend. With music as intriguing as his name, this new talent offers that slice of dream music as his first gift to his listeners as he enters the industry.

A delicate soundscape built on jangly guitars tinged with a gentle sampling of synths creates a hazy escape from the turmoil of the world, as he employs reassuring and heartwarming vocal tones in the repetitive chorus as he sings “I have bruises with you, “in an introverted reflection on the theme of friendship.

With a love for storytelling and goals to refine his intimate yet relatable storytelling abilities through his music, this newcomer who draws inspiration from Elliott Smith, James Blake and Alex G, laid the groundwork for the melody. instrumentation focused on this country song.

Although he describes it as a song about friendship, he says,“Each person will hear something different in the story and that’s what interests me”,leaving the song’s message unobtrusive open to interpretation depending on how it touches the hearts of listeners.

Independently produced, with a rough charm softened by his wistful, melancholy voice, “Peaching” is a tantalizing taste of much more to come as he prepares to release his debut EP Giggle, which should bring out his versatile artistry held by the cord of his thoughtful writing. An enigmatic artist with heartfelt music invites people in, Lukewarmdaily96 is on the way to big things, and his first step is a success in every way.

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