Jo Fabro shares five albums that influenced his songwriting

Ahead of the launch of his stellar LP and his live show in Sydney, Jo Fabro reveals the top five albums that have influenced his songwriting.

Last week we were treated to a tantalizing preview of Jo Fabro’s forthcoming album, Don’t make me a liarset for release on September 10, as well as a live debut at The Great Club in Marrickville.

Now, as we catch up with the soul singer again, she reveals the top five albums that have influenced her songwriting process over the years. Check out his favorites below.

1. The Beatles – white album (1968)

“That album was in high rotation for me as a kid, and I still have my dad’s copy on vinyl today…I know it inside out and yet, when I started on it again ‘listening as an adult, about five years ago, felt like it was brand new I started noticing the production, layers and little minor melodies that lurk beneath the sounds which are on the front. It really made me think differently about producing and putting together an album as a whole. And it has some of my favorite Beatles tracks – Dear Prudence, Julia, I’ m So Fated.

2. Radiohead – Ok Computer (1997)

“In my book, Thom Yorke is one of the best singers there’s ever been… totally unique and haunting sound. This album blew me away when it came out. I really hadn’t heard anything like it at the time. As a teenager, it challenged my idea that a song had to be beautiful if it was to have lyrical meaning. The whole album juxtaposes beauty and tragedy, noise and harmony. It still holds up today today.”

3. Pops Staples – don’t lose this (2015)

“This album was in high rotation when I wrote a lot of my songs. It’s a beautiful piece of work. It’s an interesting recording because it was released posthumously. The vocals were taken from a series of recordings lost songs made in the 90s, and Jeff Tweedy of Wilco produced the album. It’s a beautiful soul/gospel album with a killer voice. Mavis Staples is there too. If you want to learn something about singing, with 100% emotion and honesty, you listen to Staples singers.

4. Stevie Wonder- Warmer than July (1980)

“It’s kind of ridiculous for me to pick just one Stevie Wonder album. I really want to put them all on. He’s been a huge influence for me, and for so many artists I listen to. .I don’t think you’ll find many artists in the soul/blues genre who don’t list it as an influence. I went with this album simply because it’s all about total vibes. Everything I do, do like you…it’s a killer!The singing is the best, the music is a jam, you can’t be unhappy when you listen to it.

5. Brittany Howard – I like (2019)

“Brittany Howard is a powerhouse. This is his first solo work, and it’s a killer. The songs are great, but what I like the most is the production. The sounds Howard uses, from drums to vocal mics to guitar sounds, are all carefully chosen. A bit to the left of normal and totally amazing. It’s a nice job. »

We absolutely can’t wait for you to enjoy Jo Fabro’s next album, Don’t make me a liar Next Saturday, September 10. Be sure to catch the singer perform her live debut of the record on release day, with her excellent 12-piece band, at The Great Club in Marrickville. Grab your tickets here while you still can!

Fresh, funky and flawless, Don’t make me a liar is a remarkable addition to Jo Fabro’s growing repertoire, and you won’t want to miss it. To pre-record the album, click here. For pre-orders on CD or vinyl, go to

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