Joe Bonamassa explains why Jeff Beck is still the “best rock ‘n’ roll guitarist” in the world: “He finds a new way to do something different with the guitar every decade” |

Joe Bonamassa is still in awe of Jeff Beck’s playing, naming the 78-year-old the best rock ‘n’ roll guitarist in the world – even today.

Bonamassa spoke with New York’s WAXQ in a recent radio interview, where he was asked about guitarists who keep driving him crazy.

“Each decade goes by, he’s still the best rock n roll guitarist in the world and he finds a new way to do something different with the guitar in every decade he’s been active – 60s, 70s, 80s, 90s see you now,” Bonamassa said.

Recalling some festival dates where he performed with Beck “seven, eight years ago,” Bonamassa shared the epiphany that he came backstage with the legend himself.

“[Beck] would retreat to his dressing room and he’d take his guitar and plug it into his little practice amp — it was probably just a little battery-powered thing,” Bonamassa said. “And I should have played too because we had to continue before; I couldn’t even look at the guitar while listening to this.

“It made you want to cry and you’re like ‘this is him, this is coming out of him, and it doesn’t matter if it’s a little practice amp, you just give him a guitar and he’ll find a way to getting those sounds out of it, and it’s complete raw talent, it’s not the gear, it’s just him.

Bonamassa named two other players who topped his list, Eric Clapton and Eric Gales, the latter of whom he praised for maintaining “youthful enthusiasm” towards his game.

“Even though he’s a bit older than me, he’s been playing for as long. It’s like he’s constantly looking for a little thing to change it, you know, which is great,” the guitarist said of Gales’ playing.

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