John Petrucci: “I always thought there was a link between playing the guitar and weightlifting”

One of the most technically skilled electric guitarists in the world, John Petrucci meticulously practices his craft. But his fingers aren’t the only things he works on, clearly.

Yes, those who look past the breathtaking chops and haunting beard of the Dream Theater guitarist will no doubt have noticed his equally impressive physique. And while shredding solos and pumping iron can seem like worlds apart, those who participate in either need a similar set of qualities to be successful.

It’s mostly about consistency and form, as Petrucci explains in the December 2021 issue of Guitar world.

“I always had the impression that there was a link between [guitar playing and weight lifting]”He explains.” Of the two things that stand out, one of them is consistency. People who master their instruments or who really get in shape do it because they train or train regularly.

“Whether it’s every day or four or five days a week, you can’t do it by being a weekend warrior. It doesn’t work that way. You have to be consistent to make gains and see results.

He continues: “The second thing is the form. You see it with guitarists who have great technique – or bodybuilders who are in fantastic physical shape. If you lift weights, you can’t just throw things away willy-nilly; you have to work with structure and discipline. You need a plan.

“With guitarists you have to focus on the details: how your fingers move, choose the angle, keep the movement. It all sounds cheesy, but it works. The playing of the guitar and weight lifting are very much linked in my book.

So, if you are a guitarist who has never set foot in a gym before, fear not, because you may well inherently possess the qualities needed to build the rig of your dreams.

John Petrucci with his new Ernie Ball Music Man Majesty 8 signature guitar

(Image credit: Ernie Ball Music Man)

We’re still convinced Trooch built his physique to be able to safely handle his new monstrous 8-string Ernie Ball Music Man Majesty, which launched last month.

Majestic in name and majestic in nature, the new signature guitar features a mahogany body, expansive 24-fret multi-scale fingerboard, custom-angled DiMarzio pickups, and a rigid bridge angled for tension. Optimal strings, to name a few highlights of the specifications. .

And if you want to hear the guitar in action, you’re in luck, because Petrucci’s eight-string leads appear on Dream Theater’s upcoming album, A view from the top of the world.

This excerpt is taken from the December 2021 issue of Guitar world. To read the full interview, get your copy at Live magazines.

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