John Petrucci Says Dream Theater Can Play All Rush Songs

dream theater John Petrucci recently spoke to the guitarist for an interview and claimed that Dream Theater is able to play all the songs of Rushthe musical catalog of.

Mike Portnoy, John Petrucci and John Myung are big fans of Rush, and they’ve said many times how much the band has influenced them. When they formed Dream Theater in 1985, the trio began their musical career in covering the songs of Rush and Iron Maiden. They even decided on the name Majesty for the band after agreeing that Rush’s “Bastille Day” ending was majestic.

For most of his childhood, John Petrucci took up the guitar and was committed to improving his abilities. At that time he was influenced by progressive rock and heavy metal bands like Metallica, Iron Maiden and of course Rush. After embarking on a musical career with Dream Theater, he covered the songs of these groups on several occasions.

In a recent interview with Guitarist, John Petrucci recalled when he got his first guitar with his own money. Petrucci said he was a teenager at the time, and he started playing guitar at age 12. Looking back on those good days, the guitarist said he still played with John Myung in Dream Theater after meeting when they were both 12 years old.

According to Petrucci, he would play with everyone at that time. A friend of his was into metal, so he played songs with him from bands like the Scorpions and Sabbath. Another was a Hendrix and the Dead fan, so they jammed to their songs. After recalling that he was in a band called Centurion, Petrucci also said he and Myung knew every song of Iron Maiden and Rush.

Talking about the first guitar he bought with his own money, John Petrucci told Guitarist the following:

“I was a teenager then. I mean, I started when I was 12, it was probably a few years later when I was about 14. It’s funny, I was playing with John Myung at the time, and we still play together in Dream Theater – he’s the bassist – and we met when we were 12.

I would jam with everyone At that time. One guy was really into metal and old bands like The Scorpions and Sabbath, so we were jamming to all that stuff. And then I had a bunch of guys who were totally into Hendrix and The Dead, so we were jamming on that kind of stuff.

He then continued:

“There was also a band we called Centurion, and we played covers, from Mötley Crüe to Rush, Iron Maiden… John Myung and I learned every Iron Maiden song and every Rush song.

Apparently, John Petrucci and his childhood friend and bandmate John Myung have been covering Iron Maiden and Rush songs since they were teenagers. Since they started listening to Rush at a young age, it’s no surprise that Petrucci and Myung knew the band’s songs by heart.

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