KING’S X guitarist Ty Tabor will be releasing solo album “Shades” in March!

Acclaimed King’s X guitarist, songwriter and co-vocalist Ty Tabor today announced his latest solo album, shades, on March 4 via Rat Pak Records. The upcoming 11th solo album features 10 new songs with 3 bonus tracks and follows the successful release of Alien Beans in 2018. Shades is available for pre-order in various configurations including CD, vinyl and digital download at the link here:

“When it comes to what I write for solo material, I don’t really think about bands or anything like that. These new songs explore different facets of life and death,” says Ty. “I was dealing with the recent loss of my father when some of this was written. There are lighter moments mixed in to keep him from being too focused on the loss or the sadness. I also resurrected a few old ideas that weren’t ready until now. I just write music that makes me happy, and I ended up with an album that I really like!

From the opening chords of “Come Home”, it’s clear that Ty Tabor’s signature guitar sound lays the foundation for his latest solo album Shades. Ty tackles a wide range of emotions and topics with layered harmonies, catchy pop sensibilities and the all-out riffage that remains a crucial ingredient of the King’s X sound. Songs like “What You’re Thinking”, “One Drop of Water and “Doesn’t Linger” show Ty’s penchant for crafting tunes with terrific melodies, while songs like “Shallow” and “Your Fantasy” tend to be heavy and illustrate why Ty is one of the guitarists. most influential of the last three decades.

List of tracks ‘Shades’

  • Come to the house
  • Shallow
  • your fantasy
  • What you think
  • Sister Genocide
  • Best day in a while
  • Foolish
  • A drop of water
  • Don’t linger
  • leaves falling
  • Ashes – (Bonus track) [CD & Digital Download only]
  • Political Absurdity – (Bonus Track) [CD & Digital Download only]
  • Ashes (Acoustic) – (Bonus track) [CD & Digital Download only]

About Ty Tabor

Ty Tabor is an acclaimed guitarist, songwriter and singer, best known as one-third of the hard rock band King’s X. The legendary trio continue to release albums and have influenced Pearl Jam, Soundgarden, Dream Theater, Pantera and many more. others. . Throughout his career, Ty has collaborated with a plethora of rock notables such as John Myung, Carmine Appice, Geoff Tate, Greg Bissonette, and more. To this day, Ty’s guitar sound remains one of the most sought after sounds by guitarists young and old. Ty’s latest solo offering, shades, will be available March 4 via Rat Pak Records.

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