KIX frontman STEVE WHITEMAN discusses upcoming solo album, reveals guitarist RONNIE YOUNKINS is under house arrest

For the first time in more than 35 years of history as singer and frontman of KIX, Steve Whiteman will release his very first solo album, You’re Welcome, on July 2. Whiteman talks about the new album and reveals why guitarist Ronnie Younkins will be attending the upcoming live activity in a new interview with Sonic Perspectives. Read here.

The 12-song album, You’re Welcom, was co-produced by Whiteman with his trusted collaborators Brad Divens, Jimmy Chalfant and Bob Paré; it was recorded and mixed by Divens at Fixintogetmixin Studio.

While the recent pandemic essentially derailed the last year and more of KIX touring plans, it gave Whiteman the chance to move into his home for a critical period and vocal rest, the results of which he was able to channel the results of. directly in writing and recording. You are welcome.

“Not being able to play for over a year gave me the opportunity to get together with friends and make an album of those songs,” Whiteman said. “It was great to have something to do during COVID. We all had a great time making this record and I’m very proud of it!

You’re Welcome is full of hard rock gems. “I knew early on that this music was not KIX music and that it would definitely be for my solo thing,” says Whiteman. Whether it’s the harmonica-splattered conflict of “Bad Blood”, the blues strike of “Lightning Bolt”, the instantly catchy “Do Me Like You Done Me Before”, the heartfelt and somewhat melancholy, a tribute to Ronnie Younkins [KIX guitarist], which went through another period of detox, or the vigorous wink of “Tug of Luv” (one of the artist’s favorite tracks), You’re Welcome adds another thrilling chapter to the recorded legacy by Whiteman.

If Whiteman’s loyal fan base on KIX feels like the album’s title sounds familiar, they’re right. “It comes from a bit that I do during KIX shows where I ask our crowds for an answer. I demand that they say ‘You’re welcome’ every time I say ‘Thank you’, ”explains Whiteman.

And if the cover gives them an incredible déjà vu feel – it features Whiteman’s signature at the top and a large, self-designed stick below, they’re absolutely right. “Yeah, it started when the first KIX album came out and the label asked us to do all these local stores,” says Whiteman. “It was crazy, because we would be sitting there for about two or three hours signing albums. People would always say things like “Write me something special” or “do something special”, and I’m out of ideas. Finally, I just started doing this little stick figure as a portrait – and it stuck a bit. When people ask me for my autograph now, they want my batting man – and now anyone can have it on the cover of my album.

Cover by Steve Whiteman.

You are welcome tracklisting:

“Talking about Luv”
“Take out the wild”
“Pique Teaser”
“Bad blood”
“Dynamite Child”
“Luv’s Tug”
“Do me like you did to me before”
“Shook me in my shoes”

KIX will be on the road for the rest of the year, including headlining the M3 Rock Festival at the Merriweather Post Pavilion in Columbia, MD on July 2. See all KIX tour dates here.

(Photo – Mark Weiss)

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