KK DOWNING, former JUDAS PRIEST guitarist – “I haven’t retired, absolutely not”


Original Judas Priest guitarist KK Downing, who spent 40 years in the band, was recently interviewed by Doc Coyle (God Forbid, Bad Wolves, The Wedding Band) for The Ex-Man podcast. Their conversation can be heard in full below, an excerpt has been transcribed as follows:

Coyle: From what I’ve read, there have been disagreements over what happened when you left Priest. Have you retired? You were kind of forced out, it seems.

Tear down : “I kind of got around that period in my book (Heavy Duty: Days And Nights In Judas Priest), really; I didn’t really go into specifics. No, I haven’t retired – absolutely not. . “

“In 2010 things were boiling, things were happening. I was not happy with the previous tour because… I love Glenn (Tipton, guitarist) and I respect him a lot, but he was used to it. of drinking too many beers before and during concerts at the time. And I don’t know what was going on. We had words about it. But musically, we weren’t as sure as I wanted. wasn’t really happy with it. It was rock and roll. It’s one of those things – it’s rock and roll, or you’re a band that really wants to lock it down. And that’s what I used to do musically – it was to be really solid and locked in with those bass drums. Either you’re Keith Richards, and he’s got a beer in one hand and a cigarette in the other but you’re still playing the guitar, or you dig really deep. “

“It’s a long, drawn-out thing, but Rob (Halford, singer) was doing a lot of things with his own band – touring, doing Ozzfest. He released two studio albums the year I left – this year There, 2010. And then I was under pressure to do an EP, and I’m like, “We’re not an EP band.” And that was the farewell tour. We were all retiring . That was the deal. I saw the press release, saying it was the end of the band and all that. And I don’t know. Maybe I was just having some kind of blackout, and I was like, ‘You know what? You have it. You want it? It’s yours. To have it.’ “

“But what really happened was that a friend of mine was really encouraging me to do the tour, and he was saying the right things, I guess, ‘You’ve been here for so long. It’s just one more tour. You must complete the journey. ‘ And so I started talking to Ian (Hill, the bass player) over a period of about a week, saying, “Ian, I think maybe I will. I had ordered guitar processors from Germany to do the tour; I was going to do it. And I was talking to Ian about doing it. And I really expected to get a message from management saying, “Are you going to do this? Is it true that you want to do it? ‘ But I never heard anything. And I did not have good feedback from Ian. My friend was giving me all of this encouragement, but I wasn’t getting the same sort of thing from Ian. Because me and Ian went to kindergarten together. We have been there every minute of this trip. But he didn’t say the things my friend said. But he would have relayed things to the camp, to the base, but they did not happen. They sent out a press release that they were going to issue, saying, “We’re going to issue it tomorrow. Do you agree with the wording?” And I said to Ian, “Can you email me the setlist? Let me see the setlist.” What he did. And I called him back and said, ‘Ian, that sounds great. I thought those would be all of Glenn’s choices. And (I said) ‘Sounds great.’ But the next morning they sent out a press release saying I had retired. So I sent my second letter saying that – this is the truth – “forget everything I said in my previous letter”. Because I was trying to bail out amicably. And also knowing that these guys would have the purse strings. And I was the director of the company, and everything, and I knew I was going to talk to them. But in the second letter, I just rocked and told the truth why I really quit three months ago. But they still told fans and the world that I had retired to take care of my golf course. No, I didn’t. I had professional managers. open for six years. It was not true. And I hated that, because I had to carry that burden now with the fans thinking, ‘KK is a hole, because he abandoned us. He did this to take care of his golf course or to retire. Not true.”

“So I kept doing things all the time, but always expecting there to be an opening. And when Glenn retired, I really expected it to be there. ‘opening. But they never called me. So basically these guys went over there playing my songs and stuff like that. So if they can call themselves a priest, I feel very much in it. right to be a priest too, and to be able to play my songs. “

Former Judas Priest guitarist KK Downing’s new project, KK’s Priest, will release their debut album, Sermons Of The Sinner, on August 20. Pre-order / pre-register options are now available here. An exclusive, signed, limited edition silver vinyl LP version with a bonus CD is available.

The cover art and tracklist can be viewed below, as well as the official video for the debut single “Hellfire Thunderbolt”.

Downing: “We’re excited to finally be able to release our first track to the world. It gives a real flavor to the sound and showcases the amazing players I have in this group. We can’t wait for fans to hear the recording. “

List of tracks:

“Infernal love at first sight”
“Sermons of the sinner”
“Sacerdote and Diablo”
“Raise your fists”
“Brothers of the road”
“Metal through and through”
“Wild and free”
“Hail to the priest”
“The return of the sentry”

In addition to Downing, KK’s Priest includes former Judas Priest members Tim “Ripper” Owens (vocals) and Les Binks (drums), as well as guitarist AJ Mills (Hostile) and bassist Tony Newton (Voodoo Six). The group’s debut will be released worldwide by Explorer1 Music Group as part of the partnership signed by KK Downing in early 2020.

Downing previously said: “We are incredibly excited and fully ready for the launch of what we consider to be an exceptional and important record; we sincerely hope you agree!”


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