Legendary Tampa songwriter Ronny Elliott sells his Seminole Heights home and moves to England | Tampa

“This is the most important chapter of my life so far.”

That’s legendary Tampa songwriter Ronny Elliott talking to Creative Loafing Tampa Bay about selling his house in Old Seminole Heights, but he’s not talking about leaving the house.

He’s actually talking about where he’s going and what he’s doing there. And while he’s not talking about a walk to the end of the world, he’s getting quite a distance.

“I’m going to England,” Elliott said, but not to escape the threat of fascism in the United States. “I’m going to be with a woman.”

So the boy in the hot rod sold 20 of his guitars (three left) and all of his belongings, including the two-bedroom, two-bathroom house at 1409 E Park Cir. The asking price for the 58-year-old home is $430,000 and the listing agent is Carey Lewis of Compass.

The move marks the first time Elliott, 74, has spent an extended period of time in England and in a way, but it also sends him to a country where he almost sought exile nearly 100 years ago. 60 years.

“I still have those socks my mom made me when I was 17. She sewed my name on them in case something happened to me,” Elliot said. “I was trying to avoid Vietnam.”

This time, however, Elliot leaves to reconnect with an old friend who actually married one of his tour mates.

“He died two or three years ago, and I’ve stayed in touch with her,” Elliott said. She came to visit Elliott in March and stayed at an Airbnb across from the house which is now for sale. Apparently she had a plan.

On the second day of his stay, Elliot woke up at five a.m. thinking about “The Follies Of God,” a book James Grissom wrote after interviewing playwright and screenwriter Tennessee Williams, along with other characters. of Williams’ life. . Part of the book talks about the importance of the conversations Williams had with women in their beds.

Elliot couldn’t get back to sleep. He had to tell the woman about the book. So he crossed the street and did just that. “I’ve done everything I couldn’t be next since,” Elliot explained.

Elliot says his local fans don’t have to worry about losing touch either. He will return regularly, and he will always be an American citizen. His annual anniversary show is likely still going to happen as well.

“You know, I’ll probably stay at this Airbnb, actually,” he said. “As long as I have friends here. I will always have a place to stay.

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