LET US PREY First music video for new song “Deadlight Sunset” Feat. DEE SNIDER Guitarist NICK PETRINO

Boston-based dark melodic power / thrash band Let Us Prey have created a music video for a new song called “Deadlight Sunset,” The track – which features a guest solo from guitarist Nick Petrino (Dee Snider) – is out now. for streaming and download on all digital platforms, while the video can be viewed below.

“Deadlight Sunset” represents Let Us Prey’s first new music since the release of their debut album in 2020, Virtues Of The Vicious, and is in a way a complement to that album’s “In Suffering”, a deeply personal song that the singer Marc Lopes (also of Ross The Boss) has written about his mental health issues.

Said Lopes, “Originally written as a bonus song that wasn’t finished in time for the final release of Virtues Of The Vicious, it’s Part II of“ In Suffering ”in the context of its subject matter. depression, suicide and struggles with mental illness. ‘Deadlight Sunset’ is a journey into the mindset of wanting to kill yourself – helplessness, heartwarming thought, and the relief of thinking that this option is the solution. This is firsthand testimony from me personally – a very dark topic, a very real topic, but something that needs to be discussed and without shame. Lucky for me, I’m always here to tell the dark story. , hopefully to convey the message that there is a better solution and to raise awareness of this growing problem. We also have our good friend Nick Petrino from Dee Snider’s band doing a killer solo that was also a bit off. from its normal wheelhouse, and that just completes the ambience. e on this track. We are never afraid to go against the norm in the metal genre, as Let Us Prey has so many nuances, colors and dynamics in what we do, so always expect the unexpected. (Wait until you hear the next record.) Welcome to The Deadlight Sunset.

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