Listen to Indonesian singer-songwriter Oscar Lolang’s new single, “Dewasa”


Indonesian singer-songwriter Oscar Lolang has released the new single “Dewasa” (“Mature”).

The track arrived on streaming platforms Monday, December 13, and marks the singer’s last release of the year, according to a press release.

‘Dewasa’ sees the musician perform in Indonesian, a notable change from his previous songs sung in English. The single also sees Oscar Lolang delving deeper into folk music, supported by an electric guitar and cello.

Listen to “Dewasa” below.

Through ‘Dewasa’, according to the press release, Oscar Lolang explores themes of self-esteem and mental health, a topic he has devoted himself to during the ongoing coronavirus pandemic.

Through her lyrics, Lolang reminds listeners that it’s okay to place yourself in front of others sometimes, and that while we can make mistakes, it’s fine as long as we have a sense of self-awareness.

“Dewasa” also serves as the first preview of Lolang’s upcoming album, which is slated for release in 2022. Further information about the album – including its title, release date and tracklist – has not been released. yet been published.

Before ‘Dewasa’, Lolang released the song ‘Doa’ as part of the Indonesian film soundtrack Cinta Bete. He released three singles in 2020, and before that released his debut album in 2017.

Oscar Lolang also announced an intimate concert at Hallway Space in Bandung on Saturday, December 18 to celebrate the release of ‘Dewasa’. More information should arrive in the coming days.


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