Live updates on the aftermath of the Johnny Depp v. Amber Heard trial: appeal heard against verdict, motion to have the trial dismissed…

Depp settles ‘Rocky’ Brooks lawsuit to prevent Heard from repeating itself

The latest episode of Law & Crime’s Sidebar podcast discusses Johnny Depp’s recent decision to settle an assault lawsuit against himfiled by a manager who claims the actor punched him while filming the 2018 film city ​​of lies.

Depp’s decision comes despite witnesses indicating the 59-year-old did not assault Gregg “Rocky” Brooks, whose prosecution was due to go to trial later in July.

According to legal expert Mitra Ahouraian, Depp’s decision most likely comes down to a desire to avoid another protracted battle in the courtroom, having gone through a six-week case against Amber Heard.

“Maybe at this point Johnny Depp is like, ‘Let’s clean the slate and settle this and move on. Alright, we’ll pay you something,” Ahouraian told podcast host Angenette Levy.

“I think it is, ‘Do I want to sit in another trial after coming from this massive trial of a lifetime?’”

Ahouraian added: “Our justice system is not always in the lead, so to speak, and sometimes settling cases, or often settling cases, is probably the smartest choice in terms of time, energy and resources. . I can’t imagine Johnny Depp wanting to put more energy into a dispute like this.

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