Lose yourself in Corrido Rock by DannyLux

DannyLux reinvents corridos through a Chicano flip lens. The Mexican-American singer breaks through with his innovative blend of Mexican folk ballads with an indie-rock twist. He developed a fanbase on TikTok after his songs were shared thousands of times on the app. Through a new partnership with Warner Music Latina, the label supports her album, Lost In Tiwhich was released on January 28. By plugging his guitar into his bicultural background, DannyLux strikes a chord with his cool corridos.

“I just want people to be able to vibe to my music,” said DannyLux SPIN on Zoom from the family home in Palm Springs. He is sitting in his room in a padded chair that seems suitable for online games. His vibe is very laid back during the conversation. “My first language is Spanish. I found myself better at making regional Mexican music, but still incorporated touches of American music, like the classic rock my parents listened to.

Born Daniel Balderrama, the 17-year-old’s musical credentials span decades thanks to the music playing at home. Her father listened to bands like the Beatles, Eagles and Pink Floyd while her mother played regional Mexican music and Maná. After his father, a garbage truck driver, found a guitar in the trash, he gave it to a young DannyLux. The first song the 7-year-old learned to play was “La Bamba” by Mexican-American icon Ritchie Valens.

“I really feel [Valens] left an impact,” says DannyLux. “Like him, I want to be able to inspire people to do what they want to do. To create their own unique sound.

To connect with his Gen Z peers, DannyLux took to TikTok to show off the corridos he was recording in his bedroom. He started by uploading covers of Valens and the late Mexican singer Ariel Camacho. DannyLux also covered music for another up-and-coming Chicano band, Eslabon Armado. After discovering DannyLux on TikTok, Pedro Tovar, the band’s lead singer, asked him to contribute a song to their 2020 album, Cortas Venas.

“I showed Pedro the beginning of ‘Jugaste y Sufri’, because that’s all I had,” he says. “He said, ‘Yeah, bro, if you could finish this, that would be perfect. We recorded it the following month. It’s crazy how many times it happened to know that I have a song with them.

“Jugaste y Sufri” married the sierreño sound of Eslabon Armado to the soft rock of DannyLux. Late last year, the duo went viral on TikTok. On Billboard’s reggaeton-filled Hot Latin Songs chart, the regional Mexican song reached No. 3. eight consecutive weeks.

(Credit: David Alva)

“It was so crazy for me!” says DannyLux. “It was a huge achievement for me. I was literally up there with Bad Bunny and everyone else. Just to see me there was pretty sick.

DannyLux’s own songs on independent label VPS Music also took off after the success of “Jugaste y Sufri”. The psychedelic “Tristeza y Traición” has amassed over 9 million streams on Spotify. The dreamy “Dueño De Tu Amor” from his debut album Las Dos Caras Del Amor accumulated 9 million more streams. DannyLux’s emo lyrics are backed by his guitar that switches seamlessly between the chords of a typical Mexican corridos and his dad’s collection of classic rock.

“I feel like in my songs, it’s always like a 50-50 [split]», explains DannyLux. “It’s like 50% [about] real music and 50% [about] the meaning of the words. That’s what I always focus on, having the perfect balance.

DannyLux continues to wear his heart on his sleeve in Lost In Ti. The title of the album roughly translates to “Lost In You”. Through the 10 new songs, it chronicles a relationship from a seductive start to a heartbreaking end. DannyLux longs for the return of his lover on the intoxicating “Infeliz”. In the Eagles’ “Mil Razones,” he counts the ways she wrapped it around her finger. For the superb closest to the album, “Para Ti

“I just wanted to end the album with something different,” he says. “If people like it, I’m going to go a bit more towards that style too, but of course, keeping my original style.”

Next, DannyLux will take his show on the road. For now, he books a few gigs a month so his fans have the chance to experience his music live.

“This year is going to be DannyLux’s best year,” he adds with a smile. “Being able to change the way people see this music is pretty sick. I’m ready to take it to the next level.”

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