LUCIFER’S FRIEND guitarist PETER HESSLEIN announces new solo album, Night Drive 2

Lucifer’s Friend founding guitarist Peter Hesslein announces the release of his second solo album, Night Drive 2, following the success of his first solo album Night Drive.

The first album surprised and delighted rock fans and guitarists both with its musicality and its concept – music to take home after a concert …

When the lockdown began to lift, a number of musicians, road crews and fans reached out to Peter Hesslein via Facebook to say they remembered the concept and went home to music. . Since the concept had been taken to heart by so many people, Peter Hesslein returned to the studio for a follow-up.

Peter Hesslein said of the new album: “I was surprised and delighted with the success of my debut album Night Drive. When the music venues started to reopen, many musicians wrote to me saying they were listening to it on long journeys, which is why I recorded the album. So now I’ve recorded a second Night Drive album, a little faster this time, maybe for the Autobahn!

Night Drive 2 is now available through the group’s own label, Lucifer’s Records, via Cherry Red.

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(Photo – Peter Hesslein Facebook)

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